Do you enjoy listening to hold music for hours on end while waiting to speak to a human being? Do you adore the customer support phone menu that guides you through an endless maze of options unrelated to your needs? Do you find solace in communicating with a different person every time you call about your website issues, especially somebody hearing about your business for the first time?

No? Same here.

Ciniva Agency Web SupportAt Ciniva Web Agency, we are available 24/7/365 (366 during leap years) to answer client questions and handle website and database maintenance issues. We understand the importance of online visibility for your business – when your website doesn’t work, potential customers disappear, so we monitor every client presence as if caring for our own website.

Troubleshooting: We can fix broken links, connectivity problems and 404 errors efficiently, so your customers’ online experience with your business goes uninterrupted. We also handle the hopefully rare major issues like backups and database glitches.

Design: When photos appeared blurred or pixelated due to size specs, our expert graphic team can correct the blemishes and restore your site’s visual appeal.

Content: We’ll add, edit and delete webpages as needed so your company’s information remains current. If you want more advanced marketing to promote your site, ask about the professional writing included in our social media services packages.

Optimization: When it appears the search engines have forgotten you, we’ll tighten up your SEO and help you get back on top of Google and Bing for your target keywords. Don’t forget, we also offer PPC management services.

Current Ciniva Web Agency clients are welcome to contact us at 757.499.1990 for information on website support. If you’d like to be a Ciniva client, give us call and let us know how we can enhance your online presence.



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