You’ve done it. You’ve entered the VIP club of Ciniva Agency clients. What does your exclusive status get you? Well, it means that we built you a beautiful website, optimized it for search engines, invigorated your social media, and created fantastic video campaigns for you. But what other perks can you get as our client? How about some web hosting, website management and technical support?

Ciniva Agency Web designAs an added bonus only for our clients, we will host and manage your website to make sure that it’s up and running all the time. We’re pretty darn reliable — we have a 99.9% up time. Whatever hosting specifications you need, we can make it work — choose your operating system and whether you want a virtual or dedicated server, and we’ll take it from there. We’ll also implement all of the necessary security measures to keep the sensitive information on your site safe from hackers and other internet riffraff. And on top of that, we’ll even sweeten the deal by hosting email servers and providing excellent in-house technical support.

So, let’s review: We will not only build you a beautiful, fully-optimized website, we’ll also host it for you and be available to help you with it at any time. That’s a pretty sweet deal. Want to learn more? Give us a call at 757-499-1990 and let’s talk about your new Web presence.

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