At Ciniva Web Agency, video creation is a labor of love. As exciting as shooting a video can be, it’s not always glamorous behind the scenes. Our video projects involve a lot of back-end work, careful scripting, and meticulous organization of all the shots. Our goal is to make sure you’re as charming and engaging on camera as you are in real life. During the filming process, our web marketing team joins you on set, on location, or in front of the green screen to coax out your inner movie star and keep you on message.

After production has wrapped, the real work starts in editing. Our expert videographer leaves your “uhs” and “ums” on the cutting room floor to make sure that you look and sound great. Motion graphics can be added later in production to help give your video a unique presence.

As an added web-agency bonus, our SEO team can boost the organic rankings of your video with search engine optimization techniques or develop an AdWords/social media¬†plan to accelerate any pay-per-click video advertising you may have planned down the road.¬†When you’re ready for your close up, give us a call.