Over the past few years, animators have carved out a new niche for themselves in the constantly expanding online marketing business — a specialty known to the uninitiated only as “motion graphics.” Considering the growing popularity of video in web marketing and advertising, motion graphics are quickly rising to the top of the list of priorities for companies who want to level-up and woo customers through the door.

Across platforms like YouTube and Vimeo, these clever, interactive graphics use video footage or animations to add dimension, motion (obviously), and pizazz to videos. Visual information, sound effects, and animated text unite powerfully as part of the secret science of storytelling. And while motion graphics is rapidly expanding as an industry, affordable, talented motion graphics specialists are rare. There have been times when our clients have come to us with horror stories about the sticker-shock of motions graphics company quotes or with lingering disappointments over cheaply-made, outsourced products.

At Ciniva Web Agency, our web and graphic designers collaborate in-house to produce videos with customized motion graphics that are fun, high-quality, and budget friendly. Don’t waste your time chasing animated rainbows; hire a web advertising company with the expertise and knowledge to get your business in motion.