Web Strategy & Planning

Before your organization can accelerate to the next level, you need to have a strategic foundation based on a clear understanding of your what your market needs, how your brand is currently perceived, and who your nearest competitors are. Ciniva Web Agency can help you understand your overall positioning and how the pieces of the puzzle fit together to create the picture you like. We will conduct an intense marketing audit – both on-site and in our shop. We’ll analyze your current website data and compare it that of your competition. We’ll look at where you are, what claims you can make, and uncover opportunities. Once we’ve asked the right questions, we’ll be able to show you the delta between where you are and where you could be. Ciniva Web Agency works closely with your team’s stakeholders to determine functionality requirements. We’ll make recommendations and develop timelines for reaching the goals established in this phase.

Sunday's Blue Box Tanning
Sunday's Blue Box Tanning Success Story

When owner Dennis Ligon decided to re-brand Sundays Blue Box Tanning Resort, he enlisted Ciniva Web Agency to construct an efficient and strategic campaign to get him to the top. We rose to the challenge: through a complete website redesign and overhaul, targeted e-mail marketing, calculated keyword bids, and the transition from the old logo to the iconic blue box of Hampton Roads’ largest tanning salon chain, Ligon’s dominance in the industry has been secured.

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Currituck County Visitors Bureau
Currituck County Visitors Bureau Success Story

With miles of gorgeous beaches and palatial vacation homes, the only thing Currituck County needed was a cohesive marketing plan.  Ciniva built interactive features into a newly redesigned that allowed visitors to fill their online “beach bag,” as well as locate homes and explore their area before they arrived. Accelerated and well thought-out paid media campaigns put Currituck in front of millions of potential vacationers through their ad placement on premium websites, on the front page of Facebook, and recently on Google TV.

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Jamestown & Yorktown Foundation
Jamestown & Yorktown Foundation Success Story

It’s right there in their URL: History is fun! And with help from Ciniva Web Agency, the Jamestown Settlement and American Revolution Museum at Yorktown are able to share the fun and excitement of history through a multimedia Internet presence that draws people into our nation’s early years. After redesigning their main site and building a corresponding mobile version, we implemented targeted pay-per-click ads, podcasts, and streaming video to supplement the living history for visitors planning to see these attractions in person.

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Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System
Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System Success Story

The challenge: creating a multi-faceted marketing program for one of Hampton Roads’ biggest health care providers. After identifying the most important services within our community, we drove traffic and search rankings through a custom built social media platform, a physician staffed blog, and gorgeous new websites for ancillary services like weight loss surgery and physical therapy. We backed the whole program with a well optimized paid media campaign that saved money while allowing Bon Secours Hampton Roads to grow.

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