In the brave new world of smartphone use, social media apps are becoming the gateway to the Internet for users. Many of the people who would once have typed your brand’s URL into a browser window are now typing your brand’s name into their social platforms. These users expect to see updated contact information that makes it easy to reach you, optimized content that shows them what you’re all about, and attractive graphics that look good on a teeny tiny screen.

Our social media team will make sure that every single one of your brands social media pages has the correct contact information, along with an on-brand description that includes any keywords your fans might need to find your page in the first place and snazzy graphics that match your overall branding.

Make sure you’re putting your best face forward on social media. Barring a complete lack of social media presence, period, nothing makes users bail on your page faster than an old, pixelated .JPG photo with no contact information.