Albert Einstein once famously said, “Don’t judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree.” New clients often come to us with social media profiles on which someone has tried to force a “fish” (read: their brand) to climb a tree – in this case, a social media platform that is a bad fit for them.

In an online world populated by numerous social platforms, a shotgun approach is not necessarily best. It can be tempting to try to have a presence on every single platform, but you’ll often end up with a diluted presence overall. We will work with you to choose the platforms that work best with your goals, and we’ll optimize the branding and content on those profiles so that your brand looks good while reaching as many potential customers as possible. And that’s not to say that we take the easy way out – we’re all about finding creative ways to present your brand on an unexpected social platform.

Whether you’ve got a highly-visual product that is begging for Pinterest, informative written content to share via Twitter, or compelling behind-the-scenes photos to put on Instagram, we’ll find the right social platforms for your brand to shine.

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