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You oversee a multi-facility healthcare system. You manage the marketing for your city’s convention and visitor’s bureau. You produce a line of home care products or artisan foods sold in stores throughout the country. You run a transportation company specializing in high-volume shipping and fulfillment. You serve a regional, national or global market with your goods and services.

Perhaps, you do something different, but you still rely on people to keep the lights on, the bills paid, and profits in the black. Those people need to know who and where you are, and it’s our job to bring you together. Here’s why:

Nearly 80 percent of U.S. Internet users visit at least one social network site daily.

88 percent of U.S. companies utilize social media to reach their customer base.

If you’re not part of this group, it’s likely your competitor is, and is reaping all the benefits.

Your Business Needs Social Media

“Facebook is all noise. Nobody takes it seriously.”

“What good is Instagram for what I do? It’s just pictures of food.”

“Pinterest isn’t compatible with my business. Who would look for me there?”

You’d be surprised.

Take it from us, social media is an essential tool required for your marketing strategy. Social networks are where people communicate, shop, and discover information about the world. Sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest are the first places people visit after waking up and the last before going to sleep. Consider the possibilities when you make one simple post about your amazing products and services.

Best of all, it can cost pennies a day to advertise on these platforms compared to traditional media that lacks the same reach.

Social media drives word of mouth about you to your target audience. 

Every second of the day, somebody is liking an Instagram shot of a stack of recently bought books, re-tweeting news of the hot new gadget to own, and asking Facebook friends to recommend a hotel, household product, or health service. If every action taken on a social media network represents a request for or endorsement of a service or product or destination, and at least one person reacts to a post or tweet or pin, the stage is set for viral marketing with potential to reach thousands, and more, with your message.

Social media builds your reputation as an influencer in your industry.

Think about the best known brands in the world and how they have remained at the top of their game. They share information and introduce new innovations in their respective industries. When a company utilizes social media – a tweet, a video uploaded to Facebook, a Pinterest board – they generate interest among their target audience and create trust. The more a person sees of a product, service, or destination, the more likely their purchasing habits are influenced. Visibility creates influence.

Social media confirms to your customer base that you care.

In 2016, Brandwatch reported that 77% of Twitter users came away feeling positive about a company that responded to them via the social network. Marketing agencies will stress the importance of sharing content on Facebook, Instagram, and elsewhere to improve brand trust, but it’s the social aspect that secures customer retention. When you respond to a post or tweet or comment, you show people you are listening.

Your Business Needs Ciniva!

Want to talk with an expert about our full suite of social marketing and advertising services? Call 757.499.1990, ext. 2001.

Hiring an in-house social media team, while an attractive option, is not without complications. Training people to use Facebook and Instagram, to learn the algorithms and advertising guidelines, takes time and attention away from the day-to-day operations of your business.

Ciniva comes to you prepared with agents who know how to navigate the top social networks and engage our clients’ target audiences on a daily basis. With over a billion active daily users on Facebook searching for product and service recommendations, it’s vital to put your company in capable hands.

In an industry where Web development and marketing agencies launch and fold within short spans, Ciniva has survived and thrived. For nearly twenty years, we have worked with some of the most recognized names in tourism, transportation, B2B and healthcare. We offer a team of creative and analytical minds ready to build engagement and influence and solidify your reputation via social media as a top business in your field.

Ask us about the greatest advantage to social media marketing, and we’ll tell you no budget is too small. You won’t find a more cost-effective solution for your advertising spends, and we can finesse Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook campaigns to help you get the most of every penny.

Let’s work together. Contact us today!

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