Web analytics are the secret weapon in our SEO marking arsenal. The catch-all in our web toolkit. The wind beneath our wings. We use analytics to decode user behavior on your website, monitor your web marketing campaigns, and build a full picture of who your visitors are.

Better known as the “big guns,” our web analytics services are the basis of our search engine optimization strategy — the yardstick by which we (and Google) measure our success. And trust us, we’re measuring. Our data-driven team of web analytics experts is among the best in Virginia, using advanced reporting capabilities to provide every SEO client with actionable data and insights on a regular basis.

We don’t just use web analytics as a measure of traffic — they also uncover your strengths, tighten up your weaknesses, and keep you hanging on Google’s page one. From digital marketing data to granular insights about keywords, we help clients drill down to understand the impact of every dollar they spend online. Our relentless focus on the data means that our customers get the volume and conversions they need to secure a tangible ROI and be profitable.

Ciniva Web Agency builds your business with web technology tools and the intuition that comes from decades of experience. Our strategic consulting and comprehensive search engine marketing services get results. Now that we’ve thrown down the gauntlet, let us prove it to you.