Trying to spark a love connection between major search engines and your website doesn’t take luck; it takes hard work and dedication. One of the best ways to get their attention is to befriend other websites — the more popular you are, the more likely you are to get noticed.

An inbound link, or external link, is the equivalent of an online love note, a wink, a nudge. When another website points to your web page, Google perks up. If the website sending you good vibes is industry-specific, full of great content, and high-quality, then you’ve definitely got Google’s attention. Pages that have been marked by other websites automatically get more love in search engine rankings.

Touching up your website every day is time-consuming, but it’s a lot harder for you to charm other websites into linking back to your pages… which is exactly why they are so alluring to search engines.

At Ciniva Web Agency, our search engine marketing team can help you build a diverse and rich portfolio of quality back links. Our inbound link building programs are customized for your business needs, designed to grow with time, tracked to show results, and fully search engine friendly. To keep you competitive and fresh, we incorporate inbound link building for SEO into your web marketing and content management strategy alongside blog writing and commenting, social networking, and listings on review websites.

In the new world of link building, your outside influence is just as powerful to search engines as your website. Wield it wisely and you’ll win their hearts and minds.

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