At The Ciniva Agency, we believe the people who say it doesn’t pay to advertise either haven’t tried or haven’t done it correctly. You can spend thousands on a campaign for your latest product or service, but if you don’t identify your target audience or choose optimal placement for visibility, your message becomes lost and ineffective. You could also do everything right and generate some results, but cut off a campaign too soon and it puts your brand recognition at risk. Out of sight, out of mind.

For your business to succeed, you need a sound pay per click strategy that displays your ads where your target audience can see it and remember your brand.

Three Reasons to Advertise With PPC


With savvy keyword bidding and the proper parameters set, a solid PPC campaign can net you hundreds of impressions and/or clicks for pennies at a time. If you can only spare $500 a month, it’s enough to bring in sales if you know how to spend it.

PPC ReachReach

There’s no question Google remains king of search. As owner of Blogger and Youtube, and partnered with thousands of websites using display ads, Google serves up about 6 billion ad impressions a day. Everywhere your customers go, they’ll see you.

PPC FocusFocus

Advertise exclusively to women, people living in Florida, people who only use iPads, or a combination of the three. PPC lets you tailor your target audience to your specifications, so impressions aren’t wasted.


The Ciniva Agency is proud to be a Premier Google Partner, and our staff of certified Google Adwords experts will create and monitor search and display campaigns designed to drive traffic, increase conversions, and save you money. Whether you want the tried and true Web search, mobile ads or specialized listings for ecommerce, we have the tools and knowhow to put your business at the top.

KeywordKeyword Management

We’ll analyze the key phrases people use to find your products and services and bid strategically for optimal performance.

Ad CreationAd Creation

The right words bring your customers from search results to your site. Our professional writers craft ads that drive clicks.

Landing PageLanding Pages

A concise ad must lead to content that closes the deal. Specialized landing pages provide a user-friendly experience for potential customers ready to complete the call to action.

ConversionConversion Tracking

We’re not ones to let ineffective ads linger. Regular checkups of your campaigns allow us to track which perform well and which need some love.


Call trackingCall Tracking

For ads designed to increase inbound calls, we’ll set up campaigns with different numbers so you can determine the effectiveness of one ad over the other.

Ad ManagementAd Management

Flash discounts? Holiday promotions? We’ll help you plan your sales calendar and time ads to launch and end when needed.

Budget MgBudget Management

Not sure how to allocate your digital ad budget? We’ll advise you on the best methods for advertising your products and services.


Social Media Paid Advertising Services

For more details on organic and paid social marketing, visit our Social Marketing services.

What sets social media advertising apart from Google Adwords is the ability to fine-tune your ad content so it reaches the ideal target. You can set parameters in Web search ads, yes, but social allows for more focused targeting, down to where you can display a unique ad to one individual. With help from The Ciniva Agency, you can create your message, set the budget, and target ads to the people who need to see it, where they spend the majority of their time online. 

Facebook: Our Facebook Certified Planning Professional is there every step of the way to mine the largest social network for your audience.

Instagram: With new innovations here and on the way (saved posts, links to points of sale), Instagram ads are set to boost business awareness sky high.

Pinterest: Promoted Pins enjoy longevity in terms of visibility, and can pay off for you when your campaigns end. We’ll show you how.

LinkedIn: Sponsored content and email advertising options make LinkedIn an excellent choice for B2B online advertising.

Twitter: With sponsored tweets and/hashtags and graphic ads, we’ll make your brand part of the #dailyconversation.

The Ciniva Agency is ready to plan your PPC strategy. Contact us at 757.499.1990 for more information on paid search and social advertising services.