Have you ever noticed that once you buy something online or visit certain websites, you start to see ads for those brands, products, and websites everywhere? It’s like magic — once your behavior shows that you enjoy something, the Internet starts to suggest more of it to you.

Well, here’s a bombshell: It’s not magic. It’s called behavioral retargeting, which is a fancy way of saying that once a user’s online behavior has taken them to a certain site, they get tagged with a cookie. Users that have that particular cookie are then shown specific ads based on their actions and behavior, even once they’ve left the site that gave them the cookie in the first place. It’s a great way to get return customers or to give anyone on the fence a subtle push towards conversion.

If it sounds complicated… well, it is. But that’s why you have us. We can track who’s looking at which pages of your site, how long they stayed there, and what they clicked on. Then we’ll use that information to build user profiles and target specific ads to those profiles. We can also retarget based on geography and demographics.

As part of a comprehensive online marketing campaign, retargeting can be a versatile and valuable advertising tool to encourage repeat business with ads and offers across multiple platforms. And here at Ciniva Web Agency, we’ll take you through the entire process from start to finish. We might even actually make you some cookies.