If you’re sending potential customers sales flyers and postcards via traditional snail mail, chances are good that they’re throwing them in the recycle bin without looking at them. And if you’re sending email blasts to potential customers, chances are good that their mailboxes are filtering them as spam before the recipient ever sees it.

Let us help you escape the vicious cycle. We use a designated email marketing platform that is whitelisted with major email providers, meaning that it won’t get marked as spam and hidden from your prospective leads — your email will land in their inbox, right where you want it. Our platform also has a wide variety of analytics capabilities, so we can see who received your email, who opened it, which links within the email were clicked on, and what recipients did once they clicked the links.

We can break your email marketing into multiple campaigns that are categorized and targeted to suit the needs of your brand… which means we can help you market to other businesses, directly to customers, or both, and you can even further categorize by geography and demographics. We’ll also use email marketing to as part of an integrated campaign to help promote your other marketing efforts. And it’ll look snazzy to boot — we make sure that all marketing emails fit with your branding so that they look cohesive and professional, not like a Clip Art explosion.

Save some trees. Save yourself from the spam folder. Save the Clip Art for your family’s holiday newsletter. Email marketing can be incredibly successful when done effectively, so let us help you do it the right way.

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