Since the early days of the Internet, display and banner ads have been an integral part of the online advertising landscape. And because they’ve been around for so long, people have learned how to tune them out. They sit on the side or top of your page, trying to show you how to lose belly fat or make a fifty year-old housewife look twenty, but you just ignore them.

Because users have learned to tune ads out, it’s forced agencies like us to up our game. And we’ve risen to the challenge by designing engaging, compelling, on-brand and on-message display ads to capture the attention of your potential customers. And we don’t just make some pretty ads and call it a day; we target those ads to specific audience groups, split test them, measure their effectiveness based on click-through rates and page views, refine them, and continually tweak and adjust the process to make sure you get the maximum return on your investment.

As part of a fully integrated online campaign, banner and display ads can dramatically increase your conversions and brand impressions. Even if the ads don’t get clicked on every single time, they still keep your brand fresh in the minds of everyone who sees them. They’re a valuable tool for making your brand easily accessible.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you can breed a better dog. And while Ciniva Web Agency isn’t in the dog-breeding business per se, we will take the tricks of display and banner advertising to the next level for you and your brand.

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