There’s no denying that the use of mobile devices has really taken off in the past few years — in fact, mobile devices like smart phones and tablets now outnumber televisions, laptops, and desktop computers. So if you’re not targeting mobile users… well, you might want to start. Don’t worry if you’re still using a flip phone from 2002; we can help. We’ll create an attractive and comprehensive mobile campaign that is consistent with the rest of your overall branding and messaging.

Whether you want your ad to appear in mobile search results, as a banner or poster on a mobile website, or within a mobile app, we can make it happen. And we’ll make sure that your mobile ads are appropriately segmented to achieve the highest success rates — we can target mobile ads based on which mobile service carrier a user has, what device he or she is using, geography, and a variety of demographic factors including age. So whether you want to target grannies with iPads or teenagers with Android phones, the right people will see your ad.

Once you’ve got their attention, you don’t want to lose mobile users by forcing them to go find a desktop computer to convert. As part of a cohesive marketing effort, we’ll make sure that your responsive¬†website is fully functional and optimized so that mobile users have somewhere to go when they click on your ad.

Don’t let your brand get left behind. Our strategically targeted and cohesive mobile advertising campaigns will bring your brand into focus for mobile users.