The research proves it: Internet use on mobile devices is taking off like nobody’s business. And to grab the attention of those mobile users, you need to give them options for viewing your site. Sure, your full site might load properly on their phones, and a mobile user may actually want to see all of your content… but there’s also a good chance that they’re looking for a specific piece of information and they don’t want to hunt around and struggle with clicking on tiny links.

Here at Ciniva Web Agency, we’re all about creating an ideal mobile experience and making things simple for mobile users. We can design a very streamlined mobile experience with a “what you need, when you need it” approach, or we can build a more complex mobile site that performs multiple functions, or we can design your website to be responsive from the get-go so that it automatically resizes to fit whatever device is being used to view it. You have options.

But wait, there’s more! We’ll also empower you with the content management system used to create your mobile site so that you can make adjustments to it yourself. You could even make adjustments to your mobile site… from your mobile device. Did we just blow your mind?

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