Mobile Development

It's your website, but fun size!

Trying to serve up a full version of your website to mobile users is like trying to stuff a watermelon into a water hose. You might be able to do it, but the results won’t be worth the effort. When we design and develop websites, we start with an idea of how the content will look on a mobile device and work backwards. It’s like building an incredible shrinking watermelon.

Research tells us that millions of internet users browse the web on their mobile devices and that number is climbing. As we move more and more of our lives onto this digital platform, mobile friendly and responsive websites can speed searches, create faster customer connections, and provide vital information in a condensed format. Most importantly, mobile platforms show that you understand your community and that you value their time.

Your mobile website should be much more than a business card and much better than your whole site scrunched down into tiny window. Your key information and important, distinguishing claims need to be highlighted and easily navigated. Forms need to be distilled down, and phone numbers need to be click-to-call ready.

You don’t need a big site to get big results, you just need to know how to slice it.

Mobile App Development

We don’t just want you to keep up with your competitors, we want to help you blow them out of the water. Having a custom-designed mobile app for your brand is a great way to do just that.

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Mobile Advertising

Don’t worry if you’re still using a flip phone, we can help. We’ll create a mobile campaign that is consistent with the rest of your overall branding and messaging.

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