In a time where Facebook dominates the social scene and up-and-comers like Snapchat are gaining ground, is marketing via Twitter still necessary? CNBC reported in 2015 that Twitter claims nearly 300 million active monthly users compared to 500 million for Instagram and well over one billion for Facebook, but that doesn’t make Twitter less attractive when it comes to social engagement.  Whatever you promote for your business – must-have products, essential home or financial services, gorgeous travel destinations – the ability to convince people in 280 characters or less to click-through to a call to action remains an essential tool in any online marketing strategy.

Twitter has had its share of ups and downs, yes, but your target audience uses it and if you’re not there, your competition probably is. If you’re still on the fence, consider this:

twitter marketingVolume of Usage

Every day, half a billion tweets populate the network, with the majority sent and read on mobile devices. While that may seem daunting, especially if you have an important message to send, it’s evident conversation happens on Twitter and users do listen.

twitter marketingBrand Trust

Think of the top companies in retail, food, hospitality, and healthcare. Everyone has a Twitter presence, and it’s partly due to their engagement with customers that they can foster recognition and trust. Over 75% of Twitters are reported to have positive feelings for a company that responds to questions and critiques via Twitter.

twitter marketingMobility

With their proprietary app and other clients like Hootsuite, Twitter goes anywhere in the world via mobile. When print and TV ads are unable to reach your customer base, mobile marketing, and advertising via Twitter fills that need for you.


#TwitterMarketingSolutions Improve Your Business

How Twitter Marketing Works For You

With only 280 characters to grab a person’s attention, Twitter essentially serves as your elevator pitch to the world. It takes more than a catchy slogan to encourage retweets and @ mentions, though – you need to connect and engage with your audience, and Ciniva has the know-how to make it happen:

Meet your champion: One experienced agent from our staff works with you, one agent retains your voice on Twitter and manages organic and sponsored tweets. You don’t have to worry about a different person manning the controls and switching gears when you call to check up on us.

Map out your strategy: What are your goals for Twitter? What is your reach? Whether you cater to a local, national, or a worldwide audience, we’ll plan the proper schedule of content and advertising to share with your target viewership.

Monitor the trends: With thousands of concurrent talking points taking up space on feeds, Twitter may appear cacophonous to the untrained user. How does your message get through? We’ll adjust the volume and explore the content relevant to your business. From there…

Join the conversation: Twitter is social. To succeed, we must partake of the conversation, respond to your viewership, and reach out to people looking for you. We’re not about drive-by tweeting, but follow-through and customer satisfaction. People trust brands that use the @ function with customers, and as your online voice we’ll do that with the utmost professionalism.

Report your success:  We’ll provide analytics of your Twitter progress, everything from tweet popularity to follower growth. We’ll show you what works and what needs help, and overall we’ll continue to build your brand visibility.


Twitter Advertising Builds Your Brand

The activity you perform on Twitter won’t simply linger there. Every tweet has the potential to reverberate through all corners of your business, and Twitter’s advertising platform offers versatile options to suit specific needs. Ciniva is here to tailor, launch and manage any or all of the following for you:

Website conversion ads – We’ll craft the graphically enhanced tweets that bring people to your shopping cart, your portfolio, or other call to action.

App install ads – Promote your new iPhone or Android app with Twitter. Our ads build awareness and encourage downloads.

Promoted hashtags – We’ll start Twitter talking by turning your brand or company slogan into a hashtag, then monitor who utilizes it and keep the conversation going.

Promoted tweets – Sometimes news happens so fast, you need to get it out there. Promoted tweets boost visibility of spontaneous social marketing. We can advertise a one-day flash sale or other call to action, all at affordable rates.

Lead generation – When a person follows you on Twitter, they want your information. As a business, you know your target audience and will benefit by gaining followers eager to hear your message. We tailor ads that reach the people who haven’t yet clicked the follow button…but will.


Using Twitter’s detailed advertising platform, we can craft target audiences for multiple ad campaigns to ensure the right message reaches the people who should see it:

twitter followersFollowers

Focus on the people already tuned in to you with a message that encourages viral attention.

two followersPeople like your followers

Build your following with campaigns that appeal to a potential new audience using your target demographics.

twitter adsInterests

Reach the people whose interests align with your mission statement. Find people into sports, music, travel, cooking, etc.

Twitter adsLocation

Geo-target ads to promote specific products and services available in set locations: your town or the entire globe.

Twitter adsDevice

Want to reach an exclusive mobile audience? Just laptop users? Tailor ads for app engagement or call to action.

twitterTV interest

Tweets happen during favorite TV shows. We can devise a campaign that coincides with the conversation.

Ciniva is ready to bring your company into the social conversation. Contact us at 757.499.1990, ext. 2001 for more information on our Twitter marketing and other social media advertising services.