Cisco Rey

As far back as he can remember, Cisco has been a designer. He got his start on the mean streets of New York, attending the highly competitive High School of Art and Design. It only takes one look at Cisco’s portfolio to see that his amazing design skills were honed alongside the Big Apple’s best artists.

Cisco is kind of a big deal. He’s been winning awards nonstop since he was a kid, with the most recent being the TCC Visual Arts Center’s Purchase Award for excellence in design. He’s built hundreds of websites and developed the visual identity of a web builder tool for a hosting company. Best of all, he shares the wealth, mentoring other designers who are on their way up.

The excellence doesn’t stop there: Cisco is a competitive gamer, and spends his off time schooling other players. When he’s finally ready to take a break from taking names, he enjoys watching Netflix with his wife.