When it comes to entertainment, information, and instruction, Internet video rules. Every day people search YouTube for tutorials and original programming and Instagram for quick recipes and reviews. When Snapchat launched in 2011 and quickly caught on, we noticed…and knew eventually an advertising platform would follow.

Hootsuite reports that Snapchat had five million daily users in 2013, and as of late 2016 that number ballooned to 100 million! It’s still a tenth of the amount of active Facebook users, but if a network can grow so quickly in three years imagine how it could work for you now and in the future. Presently, one percent of major brands advertises on Snapchat, and you can be certain more will sign up.

Not to mention:

snapchatIdeal Demographics

Over 60 percent of Snapchatters fall into the 12-29 age range. This is the audience that will grow along with your company and influence spending in years to come. Now is the time to imprint your brand.

snapchatHigh Engagement

More than half of registered Snapchatters check the app every day, regardless of whether or not they share content. You have a large audience here simply to watch what you have to show them.

snapVideos, Videos, Videos!

Snapchatters view an average of 10 billion videos daily. The Internet has surpassed TV as the primary source for video, and this audience sits in the front row, exposed to new-to-them brands.

Add Snap, Inc.’s recent IPO launch to the mix, and it’s clear this social platform is here to stay. If you want to reach a young, social savvy audience with your products, services, hospitality, and destinations, Ciniva can craft your next campaign in a snap!

Snapchat Advertising – The Future of Marketing

Host a ContestWhen it comes to Internet marketing, you have only so much time to get the message across and make your impression. Twitter gives you 140 characters to play with, and at Instagram you have 15 seconds of video footage to get it right before somebody scrolls away from your ad. Snapchat provides you different opportunities to make your impression, and Ciniva can work with your company to create a campaign Snapchatters will remember.

Snapchat Ads: One can say so much in a short amount of time, and with Snapchat ads we take on the challenge of the ultimate elevator pitch – a direct visual representation of your products or services in ten seconds. We’ll craft a video advertisement that inspires Snapchatters to pause and listen, while supplemental information attached to the ad encourages follow-through to your call to action, be it an app install or click to an online shopping cart.

Sponsored Geofilter: Filters add an artistic touch to photos shared through Snapchat. With a sponsored geofilter you can associate a specific look to your company that blends in with a Snapchatter’s story. Target potential customers according to geographic location or connect your geofilter to a specific holiday or event. Ciniva can provide the creative to suit your brand.

Sponsored Lenses: Show the playful side of your business with one of the most engaging activities in social media. Lenses allow people to interact with the Snapchat app and encourage longer use. Colorful masks and unique distortion overlays attract attention, and use of sponsored lenses can help drive awareness of your brand. Pet product distributors can encourage Snapchatters to don whiskers for selfies, while a hotel chain can add a vacation backdrop to any snapshot. Let Ciniva’s creative team help you with ideas.

Don’t put off your social media marketing plans. Contact us at 757.499.1990 to rejuvenate your social advertising campaigns.