Virginia Beach
Obstetrics & Gynecology

About the Project

Virginia Beach Obstetrics & Gynecology was pretty far along with they approached us in need of a newer, bigger site to fit their growing business. We started with an ultrasound of their previous site to see how far along we were, then began designing and developing in preparation for the due (launch) date.

Once the site was past the first trimester, we set about making it mobile responsive and able to adapt to any screen size. Then we went a step further, creating a custom geographic location program, able to locate the user and point out the nearest clinic location to them. Finally, we coded and published two patient satisfaction surveys, so that VB OBGYN can receive helpful feedback from patients.

We gave birth at last to a beautiful healthy site, albeit a heavy one. With nearly ninety pages and almost 300 images, little VB OBGYN still has plenty of room to grow. VB OBGYN finally has a healthy and active site, and it’s growing every day.

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Custom Geo Location Program

Patient Satisfaction Surveys

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