Italian Bike Tours

About the Project

Sicilia (Sicily) + Ciclando (biking) = Siciclando!

Meeting an Italian is a little bit like falling in love. Their passion is as strong as their wine and their conversation is as rich as their food, so we knew right away that the Siciclando Italian Bike Tour website would be something wonderful. A couple of the native Italians from Siciclando found their way to Norfolk to spend some quality time with the Ciniva team and show us what being Italian is really about (hint: it involves drinking lots of wine).

Our designers got to pick their brains and the result was an absolutely gorgeous site filled with warm, inviting tones and breathtaking images of the Italian countryside. Our developers had their hands full creating a custom Trip Finder to help potential clients schedule the perfect Italian bike tour, and our copywriters were working overtime to fill in the details about each tour and destination. In short, we pulled out all the stops and we couldn’t be happier with the finished product.

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To our delight, the Italian fun didn’t stop at launch. The team at Siciclando liked our work so much they asked us to design business cards and a newsletter for them as well. We think the next meeting should take place at their office.