Norfolk Circuit Court

About the Project

Norfolk Circuit Court was moving into a beautifully grand new home in downtown Norfolk – and they needed a website that matched their upscale surroundings. Ciniva was happy, as always, to step in and help a fellow downtown business.

First we designed and developed the site, making it mobile responsive. Our in-house photographer & Wonder Woman, Wendy Maness, snapped the photo of George E. Schaefer that now lives on the homepage rotator. Next our programmers built a custom database which syncs to the Court’s daily docket, allowing site users to view the Court’s schedule for the day.

Finally, our writers stepped in and performed a complete content overhaul. Much of the site’s content was previously in PDF format, which hurts search engine rankings. By sorting through each file and assigning the copy to actual pages, we raised the site’s rank and increased the amount of information available to users.

With a stunning custom site to match their brand-new building, Norfolk Circuit Courts are ready to rule!

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Mobile Responsive

Custom Database


Content Overhaul

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In a world where injustice is all too common, one court stands alone.

That court is Norfolk Circuit Court, recently relocated into a beautiful brand-new building in downtown Norfolk. If you haven’t seen it, make it a point to swing by – just not in a squad car!