Main Industries

About The Project

The team of Main Industries arrived at Ciniva with a website that needed more than just a fresh coat of paint – in addition to needing a general redesign, they wanted to ensure that their new site spoke both to prospective customers and prospective employees. With their dual objectives in mind, we got to work building a site that is easily navigable and balances recruitment with lead generation.

We started with a redesigned logo and some custom graphics for the homepage. From there, we built a comprehensive site that visually showcases their work. With an overhaul of Main Industries’ photographic assets and newly reorganized photo galleries, their portfolio is better represented for each service and their best work is clearly on display. We also revised their navigation and menu structure based on research into the needs of their customers.

The finished product is a sleek site that evokes the industrial nature of their work without being cold.


See it in Action


Complete site redesign

Logo redesign

Custom graphics

Copy refresh

Technologies used






We redesigned their logo and streamlined their site layout for optimal lead generation, as well as inviting recruitment opportunities. We implemented photo galleries to clearly display the work of Main Industries and toot their own fog horn.

With custom graphics and a re-organized site structure, Main Industries was ready to shape up and ship out!