Jordan Young Institute

About the Project

When the Jordan Young Institute of Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine approached us, their website was limping. It was visually unappealing and confusing for prospective patients to navigate, which can send patients running in the other direction. We needed to intervene.

Ciniva Web Agency got their website back in top form by creating a clean, easily navigable framework that brings the doctors and their services into focus. With the website’s successful rehabilitation, patients can now easily find information about surgery and therapy options.

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Design, Development and Branding

More intuitive and flexible navigation

Integrated customized educational videos

Technologies used






The Jordan Young Institute of Orthopedic Surgery & Sports Medicine pulled a muscle trying to do more than their site was ready for. Ciniva stretched those sore muscles, breathed new life into weary limbs and cleared the air. Now Jordan is outpacing herself with long strides and flexing her muscles unabashedly.