Care-A-Lot Pets

About the Project

Before we arrived on the scene, local favorite Care-A-Lot Pet Supply’s online presence was having some trouble running with the big dogs. That’s when we stepped in. We realized that with millions of products online, users needed a faster way to fetch what they wanted. We created a more granular search (much like Amazon and New Egg) that put pet owners in control of fine-tuning what they wanted from brand selection to pricing to sale items to items that shipped quickly (thunder shirts can’t get there fast enough).
Personalization is always welcome, but returns of items that have been monogrammed is a deal breaker. We created a special tool that allows pet owners to monogram pet beds virtually and see what it will look like before purchasing. But those aren’t our only tricks: we also revitalized their social media profiles.
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With Ciniva Web Agency’s help, Care-A-Lot got out of the dog house!