Cape Charles
By the Bay

About The Project

When Cape Charles by the Bay approached us to create a new Website and logo for their charming sea side town, we tossed our flip-flops and jumped in with both feet. The design requirements were clear; the site needed to both reinforce the laid-back charm of the main street while highlighting the multi-faceted adrenaline-fueled sports options available. The design has a bit of a modern meets Mayberry vibe, with it’s nod to old school elements framing high energy photography. The logo brings motion through typography but reminds us to kick our feet up with a charming beach chair facing the bay.
The finished product was launched to wide acclaim from the town’s businesses (who had helped fund the project). Judging by the full lodges and packed restaurants, we’re confident visitors are fairly fond of it, too.

See it In Action


A custom designed events calendar

A clever database that allows businesses to choose if they’ll be featured or simply listed

An integrated bed and breakfast booking system

Technologies used







Cape Charles by the Bay needed to emphasize the multifaceted aspects of their work by highlighting both the physical and the emotional sensations evoked by the sight of the bay. Quiet soothing sunsets needed to live right beside daredevil stunts performed on jet skis.

We knew we were the right team for them based on our awesome jet ski skills…and sweet programming, designing and copy writing abilities, too.