Bon Secours
Hampton Roads

About The Project

As a large regional health system with multiple service lines and specialty programs, Bon Secours Hampton Roads Health System provided a unique challenge in terms of scale. Rapidly outgrowing their main site, they needed to expand their web program to include separate but cohesively branded sites for their most popular services. They were also in desperate need of a fresh approach to telling their story in the online world through social media and advertising. With a strong in-house marketing team but little digital savvy, they turned to Ciniva Web Agency for our expertise.
Our team immediately got to work breathing fresh life into their online program. Several of their service lines — Bon Secours In Motion, Bon Secours Surgical Weight Loss, Virginia Orthopaedic and Spine Specialists, and others — had little or no digital representation, so we designed and developed intuitive new sites that make it easy for Hampton Roads residents to get access to the healthcare services they need. A physician database website on our custom CMS simplifies the process of finding a primary care doctor or specialist and getting a same-day appointment.
We also built them a blog and started their social media platforms from the ground up, giving Bon Secours Hampton Roads a new way to share their mission of good help and get in contact with potential patients and shareholders. Flexing our advertising muscles, we’ve run numerous successful PPC, paid social, and search marketing campaigns for special events and individual service lines.

A web program of this scale requires the full spectrum of our design, development, and digital advertising services, and we’ve risen to the challenge beautifully.

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Multi-platform marketing

40% increase in surgical leads

Social media overhaul and integration

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When the entire Bon Secours health service system gained too much weight for their digital britches, they called in Ciniva Web Agency to whip their online presence back into shape! Now with multiple sites for their numerous service programs and health centers, Bon Secours has room to grow and the strength to keep pushing forward and expanding.