Pinterest for business?

What’s the point of Pinterest, you’re asking as a business owner. Isn’t it a place where people collect recipes and pictures of celebrities, a time sink that helps people turn off their minds? On the outset, this growing social site appears like the world’s largest scrapbook, but scratch deeper and you’ll discover the ways people use Pinterest that can benefit your company. How? Here are just three reasons why Pinterest needs to be part of your social marketing:

BagPinners Love to Spend

Over 90% of regular Pinterest users have shopped somewhere online in recent months. Pinners are more likely to pay attention to items with pricing info, too.

MobilePinners Get Around

About three-quarters of Pinners visit the network via mobile device. They like and pin on the go, allowing businesses to reach them anywhere in the world.

glassAnyone Can See Pins

With pins showing up often in organic image searches, the potential reach extends beyond registered Pinterest users.

Couples build ideas for weddings, families dream up vacations, teachers arrange lesson plans, and entrepreneurs map out work strategies with the visual assistance provided by Pinterest. To this end, they’ll use the network to search for hotel rooms or convention venues, transportation services, financial resources for setting budgets, charts and worksheets, and even health and safety tips. The more information a graphic pin provides – price, availability, function – the more likely a user will save it to his/her boards and click-through…to your opt-in form or point of sale.

How to use PinterestPinterest for business!

At the Ciniva Agency, we recognize the importance of including Pinterest in a well-rounded social management campaign. Used as a search engine, Pinterest can call up billions of photos and items across thousands of interests from art and music to home care tips and automotive. What’s more, items added to Pinterest have a longer shelf life than tweets and Facebook posts and are more easily found, even after months.

Pinterest is a strong influencer of shopping behavior, with 88% of users purchasing the items pinned to their boards. When you sign on with The Ciniva Agency to handle your Pinterest marketing, we’ll develop a sound strategy to reach your audience:

Connect with your champion: The agent we assign to your account will learn your business and help you determine your audience and landing pages for each pin we create for you.

Curation and creation: We will curate boards relevant to your goals, using content that attracts the eyes and encourages interaction through likes, repins and comments. What graphic content doesn’t come from your inventory, we can create.

eCommerce management: For businesses with products to sell, we’ll create the “buyable” pins that attract attention and encourage shoppers add your items to Pinterest’s shopping cart. It’s like having a satellite store on one of the largest social networks.

Join the conversation: Pinterest does more than display pretty pictures. People talk, ask questions, seek information. We’ll monitor and respond to feedback and plan promotions (pinning contests, group participation boards) to help generate trust in your brand.

Report your success: We’ll report the analytics to you, everything from sponsored pin performance to follower growth. We’ll show you what pins were received best and which ones need love.

Pin, Promote, Profit

With Promoted Pins, Pinterest gives businesses the opportunity to target desired audiences with an attractive pin that doubles as an advertisement. Promoted pins work on the pay-per-click model and help your business approach potential customers according to your needs:

awarenessBrand Awareness

We’ll focus campaigns on your target demographics, so that your pins are seen by people searching for products and services like yours.

engagementPinner Engagement

Do you want likes, saves or repins? We can devise a campaign to suit the engagement you want with your intended audience.

mouseDrive Website Traffic

When you want that immediate call to action – the click-through to your cart, opt-in form, or event registration, our ads work to reach the right people.

Ready to meet your new customers? Contact us at The Ciniva Agency at 757-499-1990 to learn more about our Pinterest marketing, as well as our full menu of social media management services.