For some companies, it’s all about the B2B. If you’re reading this, you likely provide essential services and products that assist retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and/or hospitality entities in satisfying their customers. In your world, Facebook works for establishing some visibility and networking, but as a B2B it’s important to market yourself where the real action happens, on LinkedIn.

Three Reasons to Market Your Business on LinkedIn

LinkedInInfographicInfluence: LinkedIn is social for the business world. It is the go-to network for an average of 106 million people every quarter, with 45% of the US user base in an income level above $75K. People who utilize LinkedIn on a daily basis are the top decision makers, the innovators and the success stories in their respective fields.

Marketplace: LinkedIn is where people go for tips on getting ahead in their current positions or for searching for new careers, for generating business leads, and for sharing thinkpieces about their respective industries. People of influence, drive, and action spend time here, and so should you.

Mobility: With over half a dozen free apps available, LinkedIn has established high visibility among mobile users on the go. Your content and brand can reach your audience in places other media can’t.

“Link In” To New Opportunities

Ciniva offers specialized LinkedIn management and marketing services for individuals and businesses. Whether you own or operate a company with a regional, national, or global reach, we can provide the support and content you need to raise awareness of your brand on the largest business-oriented social network. 

Connect with your champion: We assign one agent to work with you, one person who will become the ambassador of your brand on LinkedIn and learn every aspect of your business, from your target market to the components that make up your products. We provide one consistent voice that ensures your authority in your industry.

Plan your strategy: LinkedIn’s versatility allows businesses to utilize the network to achieve different goals. Your Ciniva agent will help you determine your purpose for LinkedIn – building brand awareness, lead generation, recruitment – and make it happen.

Management of profiles, pages, and groups: Our team of professional writers and social marketers have collective decades of experience in writing for B2B and B2C businesses, and can provide concise, readable content for individual profiles, company pages, and industry groups.


Pulse Articles

We produce exclusive content for the social network to encourage likes, shares, and comments, and to attract new followers to your profiles.


Content Curation

We find links to external articles relevant to your business and share for the purpose of promoting your business as one that stays updated on trends.

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Company Updates

When you release a new product or finalize a partnership, we’ll craft a press release announcing your latest achievements.

Report your success: 
Through regular analytics, we’ll report to you what works with our marketing efforts and what needs help. We’re not afraid to try new things and are willing to consult on new approaches to LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn Advertising Solutions Serve All Aspects of Your Business

If LinkedIn Advertising has one advantage over that of other social networks, it’s their specializations. LinkedIn offers specific platforms for different business purposes: recruitment, sales, and product/service advertising. That said, navigating these models can get confusing, but with Ciniva in charge of your paid advertising, you will get the creative and the results you want. Your agent will assist you in tailoring, launching, and monitoring any or all of these options:

Sponsored Content – For a modest rate, we’ll boost customized content on LinkedIn to reach your target audience and establish you as an influencer in your industry.

Sponsored InMail – Opt-in email remains a strong marketing tool in the social age. Sponsored mail ads reach the people who want to see your content.

Display Ads – Keep your brand in the minds of the people who matter most, your potential clients and partners. Let our creative team set up eye-catching ads that encourage high click rates.

Text Ads – Effective advertising for modest budgets. We’re experts at creating elevator pitch-style text that gets you noticed.


Ciniva is ready to bring your company into the social conversation. Contact us at 757.499.1990 for more information on our LinkedIn marketing and other social media management and advertising services.