Clarendon, Juno, Lark, Ludwig… they aren’t characters from the latest bestselling teen vampire romance, but four of the most popular filters on Instagram. If you’re a regular user of this mobile social platform, you probably have all the names memorized and know which filter to use for which photo. If you don’t use Instagram even to post “normal” photos relevant to your brand, you’re missing out on promotional opportunities that could reach half a billion monthly active users.

As a business owner, you may feel reluctant to include Instagram in your online marketing budget due to the volume of pictures and videos (almost 100 million daily) shared. Bear in mind, with the majority of registered accounts situated outside the US and the impressive demographics of American Instagrammers (55% under the age of 30), this network offers you a chance to expand your reach to an emerging consumer market, as well as to the global community.

Still need more convincing?

instagram engagementAmazing Engagement

Instagram users “like” over 4 billion photos per day. The network’s ease of use encourages high engagement and visibility for brands.

instagram actionPeople Take Action

It’s about more than looking at pretty pictures. The majority of Instagram users seek out business websites after seeing their posts and videos.

instagram growth (1)Instagram is Growing

Half a billion registered users are nothing to sneeze at, and growth among business accounts is expected to rise this year.

Every picture tells a story, and with Ciniva in charge of your organic and paid Instagram marketing, your visuals and videos will create stunning campaigns that enhance and promote your brand.

How to Use InstagramInstagram Marketing for Instant Gratification

Whether you own and/or operate a chain of restaurants, manage an eCommerce site for retail and wholesale customers, or oversee a healthcare system for your region, Instagram brings value to your marketing through visual storytelling. Using your proprietary creative and imagery from reputable sources, the marketing and design team at Ciniva will craft organic posts and videos designed to stand out from your competition and encourage conversation, engagement, and conversion.

Connect with your champion: To ensure clear communication and a consistent voice with your Instagram profile, we assign one agent to work with you. Your point of contact will learn your business and become our in-house expert on your products and services.

Curation and creation: Your Ciniva agent will assist you in mapping out your promotional strategy – selecting pictures and videos that best define your mission, researching hashtags to draw in the Instagram community, and composing concise “elevator pitch” content that informs but doesn’t distract from the visuals.

Foster customer incentives: When customers include photos of your products, destinations, and services on their accounts, you benefit from the free advertising. We’ll work with you to nurture organic participation by Instagram users in promoting your brand.

Join the conversation: The more brands respond to and interact with social media, the more audiences view them with trust. We’ll help you determine which Instagram accounts you should follow as part of your social networking, and how to interact with customers.

Report your success: Regularly you will receive analytics from us regarding your Instagram progress. We’ll tell you which pictures and videos resonated best with the community, and work to continually improve your social profile.

Instagram Ads Build Visibility and Brand Trust

It costs nothing to post pictures and video on Instagram, and given the popularity of the platform why consider paid advertising? As with other social networks, sponsorship benefits businesses through the added boosts given to posts and creative. With Instagram ads, you can target any demographic – age, gender, geographical location, and interests – and send your message to an audience ready to respond to your call to action.

Ads drive awareness. With Instagram, you have several options for end goals:

Website clicks: Take potential customers to a landing page, contact form, or opt-in for your newsletter or white paper.

Video views: Display your latest ad, a teaser for a new product or film, or demonstration of your services.

Mobile app installs: Use Instagram to promote the launch of your phone and/or tablet app.

Conversions: Drive traffic to your online shopping cart or products on third-party sites, or increase referrals for your services.

Ciniva has the tools and know-how to craft an effective Instagram campaign for your company, and there’s never been a better time than now to begin. In late 2016, Instagram launched a method for users to save posts, allowing people to bookmark your photos and videos for later viewing. With the impending rollout of shopping options via Instagram, the discovery of your products and services can lead easily to instant purchases.

We’ll help you set the budget, determine the target audience, and create the type of ad that best defines the product, service, destination, or goal offered by your company:

photo ad
Photo Ads

For that one picture encapsulating the message you want to convey. Simple, yet refined and direct.

video ad
Video Ads

When you have 60 seconds of footage that grabs attention and influences calls to action, Instagram provides the audience.

carousel ad
Carousel Ads

When one photo or one “square” won’t do the trick, the carousel turns a landscape graphic into a mobile billboard.

stories ad
Instagram Stories

Short videos and stills come together to spin a day in the life of your business and how your customers can be a part of it.

Become part of a fast-growing social community and meet your new audience. Contact Ciniva at 757-499-1990 to learn more about our Instagram marketing, as well as our full menu of social media management services.