Ciniva, a leading Web development and digital marketing agency for nearly twenty years, offers clients a full suite of Facebook organic and paid advertising services.

Facebook is the king of social networks with over 1.6 billion daily users, and while the demographics seem imposing the good news is we have the tools and capability to tailor your content so it reaches the exact audience you want.  Contact us at  757.499.1990 today to inquire how we can improve your Facebook marketing strategy.

Top Four Reasons to Market Your Business With Facebook

Exposure: Every day, more than a billion people around the world log onto their Facebook profiles (a good majority do it first thing in the morning, even before checking email) to share thoughts and photos. Moreover, they seek recommendations for products, services, entertainment and vacation ideas. You won’t find a larger audience in one place waiting to hear your message.

Focus: With Facebook, you can easily customize the target audience for your advertising. Show your ad to all female users in the United States, to every college student in Boston, or limit it to the online population of a coastal Carolina beach town. Make your focus as narrow or as broad as needed.

Mobility: Facebook users are affluent, educated, and on the go. Over 50% of users access Facebook exclusively with a mobile device, allowing you the opportunity to advertise everywhere they travel. Facebook reaches people in places where print and television can’t follow.

Cost: Whatever your budget, Facebook offers flexibility and variety in marketing. Even if you only have fifty dollars a month to spend, you can reach your target audience and spend pennies a day for brand awareness.

Versatile Facebook Marketing Solutions

How to Use FacebookFacebook may frustrate you, and we get that. With the algorithm changes that seem to limit what you see from friends and family on your personal profiles, you may wonder how customers will find you there. When it comes to advertising, however, it’s a different game. Facebook plays an essential part of any business marketing plan. Your audience is there, and we’ll bring you together.

Ciniva enjoys a strong relationship with Facebook, with weekly consultations with our representative. Facebook knows we are more than capable of providing excellent paid and organic Facebook marketing services to our clients, and when you work with our Facebook professionals you’ll know this as well. We devised Ciniva’s five-step marketing approach to increase the visibility of your brand and build your audience on the biggest social media site in the world:

Connect with your champion

We dedicate one agent to work with you. There’s no revolving door of people who miss communications with each other and muck up your feed with irrelevant content. Your Facebook champion learns your business, understands your needs, and applies that knowledge to your marketing.

Map out your strategy

Your agent will help you determine your ideal audience and reach out to them. Whether you use Facebook to promote products, services, or travel destinations, we can decipher the metrics and plan the right posting/advertising schedule so your target audience sees it.

Customize viral content

When people like you, they click the Like button. When they really like you, they click Share. We’ll create content that attracts attention and inspires conversation, but we don’t stop there.

Demonstrate responsiveness

We don’t simply post and run. Your Facebook champion becomes your social voice and connects with your audience. We’ll interact with people in accordance with your guidelines and assist with sharing important updates. When people message you directly we want that Very Responsive designation to remain on your page. Informed customers are happy customers.

Report your success

You’ll receive regular progress reports on all Facebook marketing endeavors, from page audience growth to ad performance. We’ll tell you what worked and what needs help, and above all, we’ll work with you on the next big plan.

Targeted Facebook Ads Hit the Bullseye Every Time

What sets Facebook advertising apart from Google Adwords and other digital marketing platforms is the ability to fine-tune your ads so they reach the ideal target. With help from Ciniva, you can create the message, set the budget, and target the ad to the type of person who needs to see it. Our Facebook professionals are there every step of the way to mine the network for your audience.


We will tailor ads to reach any specific demographic represented on Facebook: specific age groups or educational levels, or people who have recently bought a car or gotten married. Affinity audiences, political affiliation, languages…the possibilities are endless.


When Facebook users share their interests with friends, we can find the common ground to reach them. Advertise to people who work in a specific industry or who love to travel or shop, or who are interested in investing money or staying in shape.


Every time a new life event is announced on Facebook, it’s opportunity. You can advertise your ebooks to people who’ve recently bought a Kindle reader or inform people who purchased new homes about your security system packages.


When people like your page or show interest in your event on Facebook, we can create special ads to deepen their regard for your brand. Offer special incentives for those who take the time to react to a specific call to action via your Facebook presence.


Perfect for customer retention, remarketing targets the audiences who have visited your sites, purchased your products or attended your events. We’ll create ad content that cements their trust and loyalty.

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