You may have heard that Facebook is in the process of changing the way it delivers content to user news feeds. Facebook users will soon see more posts from family and friends and fewer organic posts from business pages and other brands. If you rely on your Facebook page to communicate with your customers and clients, you may be concerned about how these algorithm changes will affect you.

I will be honest: you may see your organic reach decline in the coming months. It doesn’t mean that your page activity will flatline, however. Facebook users may still see posts from certain pages in their feeds, but Facebook is taking care to ensure that the content you deliver meets their standards.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

What does this mean? Facebook will look for organic, “meaningful” content. Posts that tell stories, engage readers, and encourage people to respond with lengthy comments. Memes and minute-long, time-lapse videos designed to drive up reactions (likes, loves, etc.) may not be as valued or achieve good reach.

You might be thinking if this change is a ploy to get businesses to spend money on Facebook ads. While ad placement may not necessarily be affected by these feed changes, I can’t say right now if this will drive up the cost of advertising on Facebook. Nor can I say if this is the motivation behind the change. However, I can suggest a few options that might improve your organic social reach:

If it suits your business or organization, you can set up a Facebook group and engage people to join. Groups are good tools for sharing information and sparking conversation, and posts of meaningful content will show in user feeds. 

Utilize Facebook Live. Facebook encourages brands to make use of this feature because it’s designed to engage users while keeping them on the social network. You can use Facebook Live to announce news within your company, share a live demonstration of a product, or hold a Q&A.

Plan and write longer posts. One example I’d like to point out is the very popular Humans of New York Facebook page. Here, everyday people in New York (and other cities) share their stories – some of them within several posts. Their posts generate lengthy comments and discussions within the comment threads. Look at what stories you can tell from your business and share them.

You may also want to think outside the “blue box” and consider organic work on other social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Instagram is ideal for capturing a younger audience, while Pinterest is an excellent tool for eCommerce.

Of course, the option to launch Facebook ads remains. Facebook ads are still a very cost-effective method of promotion, with reach into Instagram and their own third-party audience network. Our work with Facebook advertising has helped several of our clients gain leads and new customers over the last year. In fact, Facebook has even recognized our work by elevating us to a higher tier in their support network. Our social media team works daily to improve client visibility and we are available to answer your questions.

If you are concerned about the Facebook changes and need guidance in any social matters, feel free to contact me at 757-499-1990, ext. 2001 or fill out the form below. We offer a variety of social media marketing services and we can customize a plan for your business.

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How Facebook Feed Changes Affect Your Business


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