Proud to Announce We Are Now SWaM Certified!

At Ciniva Web Agency, we’re a big fan of small businesses – and not just our own! Behind every small business, there’s a story worth knowing. All the local shops in Hampton Roads, the restaurants downtown, the gyms – they didn’t come out of nowhere. They were started by passionate people – people who had… Read more »

Social Media Tag, You’re In!

Social media has become a huge marketing platform, and more businesses are trying anything to get the most out of these free sites. Unfortunately, in an attempt to out-beat the competition’s large fan numbers, many businesses are missing out on the most important element of social media – the socializing! Much like amateur search engine optimization tactics,… Read more »

Spinning Your Web: 5 Ways to Promote and Grow a New Website

Congratulations! After meeting with an expert web team, working through a site build or logo/brand redesign, and waiting for your custom coding to be checked and re-checked, you’re now the proud owner of a shiny new website! Hooray! Now, what? Contrary to public thought, the mere existence of your website will not automatically grow new business. Google doesn’t throw a… Read more »

Best Roommates Ever Coming to Granby Street!

WE’RE MOVING! If you haven’t heard by now, Ciniva Web Agency has purchased the old “Sevens Building” in downtown Norfolk on Granby Street! With four bars, three dance floors, and numerous lounge areas this 11,000 square foot partyplex was the perfect fit for our business – er. Or the perfect starting point for our new office redesign anyways! We’ve… Read more »

We’re not saying your logo is a stinker (out loud).

Our Web Marketing process always starts with one of our world famous strategy sessions where we attempt to get up close and personal with your brand.  Brace yourself. You’re going to get grilled like a campfire weenie. Eventually, we’re going to have to broach the most difficult question of all: “how attached are you to… Read more »

E-Commerce and the Quest for Online Revenue

We don’t have a crystal ball in our office, but that doesn’t mean we can’t predict the future. With our thumb on Google’s pulse and an eye on market trends, we’re well aware that e-commerce businesses are in the middle of a technology surge. A slow economy has driven retailers online to tap into the… Read more »

I Scream, Steve Screams, We All Scream…

Is it just us or has this summer flown by? Between overlapping web launches, ongoing spring (or summer or fall) cleaning efforts for our eventual office move, and weekends partying on the bay, the team is cooked. June and July have melted through our hot, sweaty hands and all that’s left are a few precious… Read more »

Ciniva GO-GO Beach Party!

Like most small businesses we pride ourselves on our close, personal relationships with our boss and coworkers. While we don’t have any significant scientific research to back this up: work is significantly more bearable when you’re meeting five of your closest friends for the day instead of just limping past a row of cubicles to… Read more »

1, 2, 3, LAUNCH!

When our web team comes into the office on a Monday it’s with the expectation that we’ll be working hard to catch up on the bloated email boxes and flashing phone messages that snuck in over the weekend. Yesterday, things were even busier than usual as our team worked hard to launch not one, not… Read more »

Somebody Slapped My Pitch Up

Approximately once a month, the good folks at AIGA Hampton Roads host an event for the benefit of the local creative industry. Attendance is the human equivalent of a mental turbo boost. The people are funny, conversations erudite and the snacks; delicious. The only way it could be more fun is for someone to put… Read more »

When a Tree Falls on a Broken Online Tool, Does Anyone Hear It?

It’s never a bad idea to remember that on the other side of every website contact form or virtual tool is a human being trying to get a hold of your company’s services. Unless it’s a spambot, in which case you should continue reading after you look into a captcha generator. I was reminded –… Read more »