Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the Importance of Client Testimonials

We all know a little positive word-of-mouth can go a long way. In fact, nowadays websites can take a little positive word-of-mouth world-wide. From Google+ to Facebook, there are a variety of mediums for actual customers to review your work online. And research is increasingly showing that good client feedback in these public forums doesn’t… Read more »

Do You Like Us? Click Yes or No

We’ve looked for the signals, analyzed the body language, and obsessed over popular articles looking for insight into how to ask this difficult question. By now, if you’re a client, we’ve had numerous meaningful conversations. We’ve talked about the future and our long-term relationship. We’ve even shared stories about our families and pets. We enjoy… Read more »

High-Five! Meet Our Newly Launched Web Projects

At Ciniva Web Agency, we work with clients we believe in – businesses that sell amazing products, companies that offer outstanding customer service, and people who have a mission we can get behind. That way we don’t ever have to struggle to endorse a client’s work or muster half-hearted enthusiasm during our brainstorming sessions for… Read more »

We’re moving. Come visit!

Things change. Like our address, for instance! The reasons that make our relocation necessary are very simple: we’re growing, we need more space, and with our business maturing the move was necessary. We’ve spent the last few days clearing out our desks, packing our boxes and preparing ourselves to take the quick jaunt down 64… Read more »

It’s Award Season!

You won’t find any red carpets, gold men, or couture gowns (unless Melissa has been sneaking them in again) in the moving boxes stacked around our office, but don’t let our lack of glittery clothing and a swag line fool you! It’s award season here at Ciniva Web Agency! Remember that pledge we made to… Read more »

Facebook Thinks You Will Pay $100 to Send Mark Zuckerberg Messages

Facebook thinks that you’ll pay $100 to send Mark Zuckerberg a Facebook message. Are they insane? It’s great that Facebook is trying to “reduce spam” for users with big online presences, but at such an extreme price point we wonder if the pricing scheme is on point for regular business (and not, say the Beliebers… Read more »

Maps, They Don’t Love You Like We Love You

Attention all small, local businesses: it’s time to get your name – and your company – on the map! Online maps are a great way to give potential clients access to valuable content about your services, locations, and contact. To help newcomers learn about the importance of this online tool we’re talking about three things… Read more »

We’re Parking on Cloud Nine

We’re probably shouldn’t be blowing this up, but we’ve officially joined the ranks of the Cool Kid’s Parking Club, an elite, member’s only parking-palooza for Downtown Norfolkians and amazing people! After we visited what would become our future home on Granby Street, the team was excited about everything the building and area had to offer… Read more »

Three Ways To Go Viral with a Video Marketing Campaign

Did you know that YouTube is the fastest growing search engine on the web? Advertising has changed rapidly over the past few years and an expanding digital marketplace means that business now have more online marketing options than ever. If there’s one thing that’s going to get your online campaign noticed – it’s video. Video… Read more »

Everything is Illuminated

As Hampton Roads natives, our Christmas season officially begins with the Grand Illumination, a spectacular evening event that lights up the Downtown Norfolk and Olde Towne Portsmouth skylines with the flip of a switch before dozens of fantastic light and sound displays wind their way through the streets of Downtown Norfolk in the Grand Illumination… Read more »

Counting Our Blessings

Thanksgiving may have passed, but we’re still celebrating with leftover pie, turkey sandwiches and extra-stretchy sweat pants. Also on today’s menu? Gratitude. Despite our best efforts, we don’t take as much time as we should counting our blessings. After sitting down to write this blog we now know why – it would take days. It… Read more »

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Big news, everyone: we had a baby! Actually – two babies! And we didn’t really have them – Joe and his wife Krystal did! On November 6th, we officially welcomed twins Violet and Lincoln Werner to the Ciniva Family. Our hearts are still exploding with joy, gratitude, and love. As expected, these precious babies have… Read more »