Summer Work at Ciniva

How We Spend Our Summer

Summer evokes thoughts of leisure and recreation. Our children are home from school, while relatives with vacation time to burn are either taking up space in our spare rooms or on the way here. At the Ciniva Agency, we play as hard as we work, and we put our time to good use when we’re… Read more »

web security services

The 3 Things Your Web Designer Thinks About When You Think About Web Design

When requests come in from prospective Virginia web design clients, they tend to say similar things. A business owner wants an updated look and better functionality to reach a wider audience. For more than a decade, The Ciniva Agency has specialized in unique website design and development, but these services scratch the surface of our capabilities…. Read more »

Site Responsiveness for business

Responsiveness is Responsible

I get emotional at times. I’ll see a television ad meant to express humor and instead of laughing I feel for the people involved. Have you seen the one where different people have excitedly opened their businesses, then grow increasingly discouraged when no customers show? We’re supposed to chuckle at the bored baker who slaps… Read more »


AIS Network Announces Creative Partnership and Integration With Ciniva

Summary: Virginia SWaM IT contractor AIS Network has announced a partnership with integrated marketing firm the Ciniva Agency. Upcoming projects include work on web applications that can handle big data and development work in the Virginia tourism industry. McLean, Va. — May 12, 2017 — AIS Network, a leader in IT managed services, and Ciniva,… Read more »


Who Is Your Target Audience?

If you have experience setting up advertising via print and broadcast media, you should know preparing ads for online social platforms and pay-per-click sites requires the same careful thought and application. When you choose specific publications to run your ads, you know to expect exposure to a certain audience. We don’t have to tell you… Read more »

5 Reasons

5 Reasons Your Site Isn’t Converting

When you rely on your website to bring in the bulk of your business, it’s understandable if you check your analytics and sales reports on a regular basis. Once a day seems reasonable, especially if you don’t use a third-party fulfillment service and need to ship direct. Once an hour and finding only disappointment…well, we… Read more »

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Is Certification Necessary For Social Marketing?

Q: What do you call a person who graduated last in his class at medical school? A: A doctor. It’s still a good joke, but when you’re need of serious medical care you might not laugh. If you get sick you want to know everything about the person about to stick sharp things into your… Read more »

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Living in a Digital World

Social media, targeted ads, apps, engagement: it’s official. We are living in a digital world. It’s everywhere. Is your brand? With the incredible innovations in marketing and technology, there’s no excuse for your business not to take advantage of the multiple opportunities available – many of them free. A good, organic social media presence doesn’t… Read more »

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Why We Do What We Do

At Ciniva, we’re more than a web agency. We’re a mixed bag of made-to-order marketing, which means that whatever unique need your business has, we’ve got you covered. Whether you need a new logo, a new website, a digital campaign or some brochures designed and printed, Ciniva is ready. We’ll analyze your brand, tailor our… Read more »


What is Ciniva?

Ciniva [sin-uh-vuh] Noun: A collection of creative, intelligent strategists, designers & explorers with a knack for marketing, branding and website construction. What distinguishes Ciniva from any old marketing agency? The Cinileague. Cinileague [sin-ee-leeg] Noun: A tribe of kindred spirits who, when united with a common goal, can achieve the impossible. Now that you’ve got the… Read more »


Currituck Tourism Wins Award for New Website built by Ciniva Web Agency

NORFOLK, Va., October 14, 2016 — Currituck County’s Department of Travel & Tourism was recently recognized by the Destination Marketing Association of North Carolina (DMANC) for their new website during the annual awards ceremony, held this year in Winston-Salem. The Currituck Tourism Department took home a Gold Award in the Online Communications category for website… Read more »