T.S. Eliot wrote in The Waste Land that “April is the cruellest month,” though in our business people may argue the summer months compete well for that title. When vacation periods hit their peak in July and August some businesses experience a slump in web traffic and/or social engagement. It’s understandable with families enjoying the great outdoors or an amusement park, or else taking advantage of quality time during a “staycation”. Instead of browsing their social feeds, they’re busy uploading pictures to theirs to show friends all the fun they’re having.

While a temporary dip in unique views may not threaten your profits, it may inspire worry. Will people come to your site after they’ve settled back into routine? Will they go somewhere else for what you offer? If you’re feeling the effects of a digital summer slump, use the lull to make a plan to encourage a return to your site and social pages. Think of it as “summer cleaning,” preparation for the back to school audience.

Survey your site content: Work gets so busy at times, projects fall to the wayside. If your business operates without a dedicated webmaster to keep track of content, SEO, and related responsibilities, this is a good time for a health check. Test links to ensure they take visitors to the right pages, update content where necessary (especially inventory, contact, and staff information), and redirect dead links. Update your blog and plan new pages and content through the remainder of summer so visitors have more reasons to return when the weather cools.

fresh website content

Don’t let a summer slump in traffic get you down. Share something fun with your audience, and your staff.

Check your offsite listings: This is important for businesses that have rebranded. Check your social media accounts, Yelp, Google My Business, and similar sites to update logos, business names, locations and phone numbers. As time passes and employee turnover occurs, you run the risk of having outdated contact information visible, which could lead to a customer’s failure to reach you.

Switch up your ad campaigns: Are you running social media ads? Campaigns that worked well in the spring may not bring in the same impressions and CTRs in the summer. Try focusing on different products or services, or parse some of your budget into an awareness/engagement campaign if you haven’t yet. Work on increasing account likes and follows so when summer ends you can market your business to a new audience. What – you don’t have a social ad campaign in place? We can do that for you.

Take pictures: While your customers show off digital snapshots of their beach trips and mountain hikes, why not share some memories yourself? Keep your audience attuned to the human side of your company (here, we recently took a field trip in celebration of National Ice Cream Month), and create new content for your brand at the same time.

You may read these tips and condense our advice into a “business as usual” strategy, and in a way that’s true. Continuous work on your site content and social profiles can affect your numbers for the better. Use the slower summer months to try different tactics in your content and marketing plans, and if you require assistance you can count on our team to help.

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Kathryn has worked at Ciniva in various roles – full-time, part-time, and as an independent contractor – since 2005. Over the years, her responsibilities have ranged from improving clients’ SEO, crafting site content, and – currently – management of paid and organic social media. As new innovations in digital marketing launch, be assured she is researching how to apply it to future success stories.