With a new year comes evaluation of our clients’ social media performance. Because we offer flexible social media management packages, we perform different tasks for different clients, so it’s not unusual for us to recommend shifting a social advertising budget to include a new platform. Right now, we’re talking to one client about doing more on Pinterest.

Why Pinterest?

Statistics portal Statistica reports that as of September 2017, Pinterest is seeing a monthly average of 200 million users – with thirty-four percent of overall “pinners” based in the United States. Among mobile social networking apps in the US, Pinterest ranks fifth behind Facebook and Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and Instagram. In terms of social eCommerce referrals, however, Pinterest is second after Facebook. (You can check out Statistica for more cool stats on how Pinterest stacks up against others in the social game.)

Facebook remains king of the social media mountain, but keep an eye on climbers like Pinterest, especially with recent news about how Facebook has altered what people will see in their timelines (we’ll talk more about that soon). Even if you don’t have a Pinterest account for your business (and if so, why are you waiting?), the social network offers you exposure to a new audience, one in particular that loves to shop online.

As you prepare to create your pins, here are a few things to keep in mind:

A Picture is Worth… A graphic-intensive platform like Pinterest requires quality imagery to make a profile stand out. Whether you provide your own photos or use stock sites, be choosy about the pictures you use to represent your content. Relevance is key! Pixelated graphics and blurry photos won’t work if your goal is to encourage people to pin your content.

Think Vertical – When you think of graphics and design, always keep the mobile experience in mind. More and more, people are not only using their phones to stay updated on social, but they’re holding them upright. As you design the graphic for your pin, keep it vertical so it fills the screen when Pinterest users tap for the closeup. If you utilize a service like Canva to create quick graphics, you’ll find the recommended expanded pin size is around 735 x 1102 pixels.

What Does the Pin Say? – Fonts can be tricky. You want to use the right one to match your graphic and the overall theme of your pin’s content, but the words must be clear. Take into consideration how people will see your pin – via desktop, tablet, and/or phone – and experiment with bold, readable fonts and eye-catching titles that encourage closeups and click-throughs. Use colors that don’t blend too deeply with the imagery. You don’t want to wash out any of your words.

Point In the Right Direction – Your pins have two purposes: 1) to encourage Pinterest users to save them to their boards, and 2) to encourage Pinners to visit the destination URL. It should go without saying, but always check that your pins take people where you want them to go. If pages within your site change, don’t forget to edit your pins so people aren’t led to a dreaded 404 page.

Oh, and here’s a fifth tip:

Shout It Out Loud – Once your pins are live, don’t be shy. Let people know to visit your Pinterest boards and view your products or articles. Pinterest integrates easily with other social networks for cross-pollination in your marketing, and you can set up a widget to display specific boards, pins, or your profile on your site to drive traffic.

What are your Pinterest goals for the year? Whether you intend to pin organically or experiment with Promoted Pins, our marketing team can assist you with a solid plan to increase your brand’s awareness. Contact us today for more information.

4 Tips for Awesome Pinterest Pins
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