If you take one thing away from any course, book, or blog article on promoting your business, know that repetition is not a bad thing. The old maxim of the Rule of 7 in marketing, which emphasizes how a customer hears your message seven times on average before taking action, remains relevant in the social media age. As you compete for attention, be it through Google search, Facebook posts, or other social outlets, you have the opportunity to promote without the message turning stale.

Consider the services and products you offer. A dentist creates custom dentures, a boutique sells chocolates and flowers, a law office assists families with estate planning. Some jobs may require more explanation, while others appear more direct with little room for creativity in marketing. The idea of relaying the same pitch multiple times over weeks and months might inspire worry if you believe you stand to lose social followers who tire of the “same old” messages. If this is a concern, it’s important to know these things:

Social marketing is present yet not intrusive.

It’s safe to bet the people who follow your Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram accounts do the same with other individuals and businesses. Through the course of a day a person may see your contribution once, a few times, or not at all. It depends on the size of their respective social feeds and how often they are viewed, and what filters are set. If you repeat a message in social media over a period of time, chances are your audience as a whole won’t be bombarded.

Don't worry about your content turning stale. There are ways to revive your message and maintain healthy SEO.

Don’t worry about your content turning stale. There are ways to revive your message and maintain healthy SEO.

Ads have the potential to go viral.

When people find a thoughtful message, irresistible humor, or attractive imagery that speaks to them they will share it. This goes for organic and sponsored social posts. When the stars align, one message can stand above the rest and increase awareness (all the better if your content is shared in a positive light).

What does this mean for the business with focused services or one product for sale? Here lies the opportunity to stretch creative muscles and approach marketing from different angles. For example, you can tie in an older blog or page about your products and services to a recent event, if it’s relevant. The law office discusses estate planning after a popular TV show touches on the topic in a storyline; the boutique reminds followers to shop for Mother’s Day; the dentist discusses the benefit of custom dentures following publication of a journal article. When these events have passed, you can promote the content at a later date – simply change the wording in your social posts as you share again.

So, for the law firm wishing to draw viewers to their estate planning services, over time they could promote the same page with different social prompts:

  • Last night on This Is Us, Jack sought advice for writing a will. Here are some things you should know – [URL]
  • The best Christmas gift you give yourself is a plan. Have you taken these steps to secure your legacy? [URL]
  • Estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy. We’ll show you how to prepare your assets. [URL]

Another point to remember: an established web page with solid, relevant content can benefit you in terms of SEO the longer it remains active. Update information, metadata, and images as you see fit, but don’t be afraid to promote evergreen content. If you need assistance with writing it, Ciniva has professional scribes on staff to help. Contact us today to learn more about we can improve your site rankings.


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Kathryn has worked at Ciniva in various roles – full-time, part-time, and as an independent contractor – since 2005. Over the years, her responsibilities have ranged from improving clients’ SEO, crafting site content, and – currently – management of paid and organic social media. As new innovations in digital marketing launch, be assured she is researching how to apply it to future success stories.