Earlier in the week, we had a visitor at Ciniva HQ. I was introduced as the Content and Social Media Strategist. “So you’re the social media guru,” they said, and I gave a Mona Lisa smile. Guru is not a word I’d use to describe myself, especially where my work is concerned. If social media is part of your business life, you’ll know it changes constantly. A new platform launches, an established one falls out of favor, and the ones that seem to perform well for your clients on Monday change the rules. Tuesday begins and you have problems to solve.

Some may see me as a guru but, like anybody in my field, I’m a perpetual student striving to remain at the head of the class. When a new objective for Facebook ads launch, or when a tool arrives that lets you schedule Instagram posts, I’m all over it and I’m happy to help you achieve the results you want with them. I’m also a believer in tried and true methods to achieve visibility and relevance in social media, three of which are so easy to do yet probably aren’t practiced enough.

If you’re having trouble accomplishing these tasks, know that you can talk more with us about bringing Ciniva into your company as your digital marketing partner. We’ll work with you to ensure all facets of your social media, branding, and SEO gel, and go on to yield amazing results. If social media strategy remains uncharted territory for you, we’ll also help with the basics:

Are You Doing These Three Things To Help Your Social Presence?Be proactive in social. Let’s say you check your phone every time a social channel pushes a notification to you. Jane tagged your business in an Instagram post, and Alex loved the meme on your Facebook page. Awesome. People are noticing your efforts. It’s good to reply in a timely manner when you’re mentioned online, but consider other opportunities open to you.

Why wait for acknowledgment? This is about being social, and connecting with people and businesses within your community can help boost your profile without active marketing. Look for the influential people on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest…the people in your community who seek interaction through social. Comment and react accordingly, just watch how you communicate. The comment section isn’t an invitation to plug your products and services, but as you raise your voice on social platforms and integrate your unique style into the community, people will start to listen.

Plan ahead. There are so many tools designed to help you plan your social strategies. I could write a dozen articles about all the sites and apps with the clever, devoid-of-vowels names, the tools that offer free and premium services to shoot out your tweets and posts like clockwork. Scheduling social in advance can help free you for the rest of the work week. You can plan holiday-themed material ahead of time, and schedule promotions already on the calendar. Scheduling doesn’t necessarily take away from the spontaneity of social media, either. It’s good to have a shareable ready to go when you’re handling another aspect of your business.

Proofread everything. It happens to the best of us. Imagine a book editor promoting their business, only to later discover a misspelled word in the post. While some humorous errors in social media can go viral and produce lemonade after a moment’s anxiety, some may leave potential clients cold. Skip a letter as you type and send out an accidental four-letter word in your next tweet, and you may find it a challenge to recover. As you prepare your social content – be it for immediate broadcast or on a schedule, check and double-check everything.

One advantage to employing a digital marketing agency to work with you is that many hands come on deck to populate your social media with fresh, engaging content. Have you considered a team strategy to get social with your customers? Ciniva can help. 

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Kathryn has worked at Ciniva in various roles – full-time, part-time, and as an independent contractor – since 2005. Over the years, her responsibilities have ranged from improving clients’ SEO, crafting site content, and – currently – management of paid and organic social media. As new innovations in digital marketing launch, be assured she is researching how to apply it to future success stories.