Open your email. How many messages do you click through as opposed to deleting unread? I must confess, while I have opted-in to receive alerts from a number of businesses, I spend more time clearing my inbox of mail than reading it. I could tell you it’s because my interest in some of the products and services has waned, or that I need only to read the subject heading to discern the body of the text. In truth, I find email is no longer compatible with my work and lifestyle. I’m busy – who isn’t? – and I need immediacy when it comes to communication.

messenger bot marketingI connect with co-workers, relatives, and friends through instant messaging, using different platforms depending on the need. I also know I’m not alone when it comes to a declining interest in email. Ciniva has offered email marketing solutions to clients for more than a decade, and yes – some have noticed their open rates are sliding. When they ask for answers, I tell them what I’m telling you now: it isn’t that people no longer want to patronize your business. The way people communicate and learn about products and services is changing, and you must adapt to that change.

Facebook now optimizes ads to encourage people to connect with businesses and organizations via Messenger. Messenger is also a placement option in their advertising platform. It makes perfect sense, since Facebook wants to keep you in their network as long as possible, and to use their apps. You may have noticed some branded pages allow you to opt-in to receive periodic messages via Messenger – sales information, tips, and links to products. Businesses now utilize automated bots to prepare, schedule and send messages to subscribers, and Facebook helps you with setup. A follower can visit your page and receive an automated message to opt-in for your sales and news alerts. Over time, you can build subscribers and create content and calls to action that reach these people.

If you find the traditional methods of reaching customers and clients has lost its effectiveness, it’s time to consider adding chatbots to your marketing strategy. Here’s why:

SmartInsights reports that app use accounts for 89% of mobile media time spent. TechCrunch reported last year that Facebook Messenger now boasts 1.2 billion monthly users. When you consider that half the people in the U.S. alone reach for their phones first thing in the morning, it tells you that people want relevant news now, and email doesn’t always deliver that.

How do you apply Messenger marketing to your overall strategy? You can shop around and research the companies that offer chatbot integration into Facebook and other platforms. Many offer trials that let you connect one account or Facebook page for free. Test a messenger scheduler with friends and co-workers, experiment with creative and links and find the right fit before you roll out an option for subscribers.

Or, you could let us help you through the process. Our digital marketing team is here to consult and help you add messenger marketing to your overall plan. Even if you don’t intend to stop sending out email newsletters, the messenger option allows you to broaden your reach. Give me a call at 757-499-1990, ext. 2001 or fill out the form below to learn more.

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