We’re coming to the end of another year, and while everybody at work is focused on the upcoming office party and gift exchange, you remain at your desk deciphering your company’s social advertising analytics. Hopefully, you had a good year in terms of low CPC and high conversions, and a new year offers the opportunity for improvement. This is the time to evaluate performance on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – anywhere you have paid ads – and set your goals for increased performance.

Depending on the nature of your business, your budget, and your advertising goals, your resources will vary. Whether you have a few hundred a month or several thousand to spend, limited creative options or a wealth of images and video, you can make adjustments to affect performance to your advantage. Here are a few items to add to your social media advertising resolution list.

Facebook Advertising in VirginiaUpdate your landing pages – If traffic to your site from your social ads holds steady but you experience a decline in conversions, it may be time to refresh the content on your landing pages. Add recent testimonials for your products or services, or update pictures and videos where applicable. You may also want to send traffic to multiple pages to gauge which message is more effective in getting customers to complete your objective.

Reevaluate your target audiences – Look at the frequency of your ad delivery. Has it increased month to month? The higher your ad’s frequency on Facebook, for example, the more likely your ads won’t reach your intended audience. Higher frequency could also signal that it’s time to adjust your targets, though if you have a set audience (e.g. local or regional with specific interests) it can be a challenge to find new viewers. Explore your audience targeting options and see where you can make reasonable adjustments like adding new interests or expanding locations to improve reach.

Try a new campaign objective – We all want people to come to our websites and learn more about our products and services. Campaigns designed to drive traffic to landing pages outside social platforms can prove effective in building customer loyalty, but if you maintain an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest you can use other objectives to your advantage. Ads created for the purpose of driving queries to Facebook Messenger, engaging with posts, or encouraging video views may earn you higher reach and impressions, and cement brand awareness. Social platforms want to help advertisers, but they benefit by keeping people on their sites. You can benefit by guiding those people to your pages within those networks.

Focus on a different platform – Maybe you’re sold on Facebook ads. You enjoy consistent, high relevancy scores and the CPC is good for the campaigns you employ. If you find it’s a challenge to get people to convert once they’ve engaged with your ads, though, you might want to think about diverting some of your budget to an alternate network. Promoted pins on Pinterest can showcase tourist destinations and retail products, while B2B companies can advertise on LinkedIn to relevant audiences. Consider, too, that the Facebook audience differs from those of Twitter and Pinterest. Experiment and determine if casting a wider net helps your brand.

Finally, here’s a fifth tip: if you feel overwhelmed managing Twitter and Facebook advertising for your business, contact an expert to help! Ciniva Agency specializes in Facebook advertising and social media marketing for all industries, from healthcare to retail to home improvement. We can optimize any budget to bring new customers and clients to your door or online store. Contact us today at 757-499-1990 for more information.


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Kathryn has worked at Ciniva in various roles – full-time, part-time, and as an independent contractor – since 2005. Over the years, her responsibilities have ranged from improving clients’ SEO, crafting site content, and – currently – management of paid and organic social media. As new innovations in digital marketing launch, be assured she is researching how to apply it to future success stories.