3 things to help your social media

Are You Doing These Three Things To Help Your Social Presence?

Earlier in the week, we had a visitor at Ciniva HQ. I was introduced as the Content and Social Media Strategist. “So you’re the social media guru,” they said, and I gave a Mona Lisa smile. Guru is not a word I’d use to describe myself, especially where my work is concerned. If social media… Read more »

Instagram Stories For Business

Instagram Helps Your Business Tell Its Story

One thing we like about Instagram is the Stories function, and how it allows you to blend still pictures, video clips, and various embellishments to present a lively, progressive episode of a day in your business’ life to viewers. Used to be you could only create a story on the fly, snap the photos and… Read more »

messenger bots

Add Messenger Bots to Your Marketing Strategy

Open your email. How many messages do you click through as opposed to deleting unread? I must confess, while I have opted-in to receive alerts from a number of businesses, I spend more time clearing my inbox of mail than reading it. I could tell you it’s because my interest in some of the products and… Read more »


Let Ciniva Help You #PlanForVacation

We know all about the benefits of a relaxing vacation. As we’re headquartered in a popular East Coast destination, we see them in effect every day. Seriously, you can walk from our office to about half a dozen Norfolk tourist attractions. It’s great to see people visiting our town, posing for pictures by the Elizabeth River and… Read more »

Facebook Icons

What Facebook’s Feed Changes Mean For Your Business

You may have heard that Facebook is in the process of changing the way it delivers content to user news feeds. Facebook users will soon see more posts from family and friends and fewer organic posts from business pages and other brands. If you rely on your Facebook page to communicate with your customers and… Read more »

Tips for Engaging Pinterest Pins

Four Tips For Creating Engaging Pinterest Pins

With a new year comes evaluation of our clients’ social media performance. Because we offer flexible social media management packages, we perform different tasks for different clients, so it’s not unusual for us to recommend shifting a social advertising budget to include a new platform. Right now, we’re talking to one client about doing more… Read more »

Facebook Pixel

Four Ways the Facebook Pixel Can Help Your Business

When an existing or new client comes to me for help with Facebook advertising, the first thing I ask is, “Do you have the Facebook pixel installed on your site?” If the answer is a confused expression, I can gauge the amount of work involved in the project. Regardless of the budget you’ve set aside… Read more »

Social Advertising

4 Ideas To Improve Social Ad Performance In the New Year

We’re coming to the end of another year, and while everybody at work is focused on the upcoming office party and gift exchange, you remain at your desk deciphering your company’s social advertising analytics. Hopefully, you had a good year in terms of low CPC and high conversions, and a new year offers the opportunity for… Read more »

online marketing

DIY Marketing With Agency Help: You Can Have It All

As an agency specializing in web design, development, and digital marketing, we offer the full spectrum of services to clients. While some retain us to handle everything from website design to marketing to on-site support, others prefer to keep specific responsibilities in-house. When we invite clients to develop a post-launch marketing plan, we sometimes hear the business already has somebody… Read more »

Should you advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Google...all three? Where you spend your ad dollars is one dilemma we can help you solve.

Four Questions Your Digital Marketing Team Will Ask (So Be Ready)

We’re good at answering questions. We get them all the time, from prospective and active clients. We’re often asked, of course, what we can do to get a business’s phone to ring. During some initial consultations, though, it’s clear the client isn’t wholly concerned with the how of the process but more of the when. Depending on… Read more »

Don't worry about your content turning stale. There are ways to revive your message and maintain healthy SEO.

Evergreen Content: Recycle, Revive, Remind

If you take one thing away from any course, book, or blog article on promoting your business, know that repetition is not a bad thing. The old maxim of the Rule of 7 in marketing, which emphasizes how a customer hears your message seven times on average before taking action, remains relevant in the social… Read more »

Four ways to survive summer web traffic slump

Four Ways to Survive a Summer Slump

T.S. Eliot wrote in The Waste Land that “April is the cruellest month,” though in our business people may argue the summer months compete well for that title. When vacation periods hit their peak in July and August some businesses experience a slump in web traffic and/or social engagement. It’s understandable with families enjoying the… Read more »