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Customized WordPress Websites

How quickly do you think you could create a multi-page Web site with customized widgets? Using a standard HTML editor template, you might find the task tedious and time-consuming, but with an on-site content management system with drag and drop functionality in the back end, you could be up an running in a matter of hours. It may surprise you to know that one of the most popular blog platforms, WordPress, can also be used to manage a full Web site. CINIVA Systems specializes in implementation and customization of small to mid-size sites using the WordPress model to create your company's unique presence.

When you contact CINIVA today to adapt WordPress into a dynamic, interactive Web site for your business, you receive a sound structure enhanced by modules suited to your site's purpose. Just look at what a WordPress site, designed by CINIVA Systems, gives you:

Theme Customization: We'll create a clean, user-friendly look and feel for your site guaranteed to attract visitors, yet not bogged down with needless code that discourages search engines. We can apply Flash logos , slideshows, and embed video to showcase your products and services. Use your company brand colors or, if you don't have any, create a look that's uniquely yours!

Information Architecture: How much information do you have to parlay? With a few personal touches CINIVA can create drop-down or flyout menus to keep all categories and topics in order. Your site stays organized and your visitors find what they need.

Plugin Installation & Customization: Do you want to host online polls, collect contact information, offer a special events calendar or calculator? CINIVA can help customize your WordPress site with a multitude of plugins and widgets designed to enhance the interactive quality of your online presence. Create a private sub-site for registered members, or collect donations and other funds via Paypal or credit card.

Search-Engine Friendly:  The nature of WordPress's clean code structure makes any site attractive to Google and other search engines. Among our clients, those with customized WordPress sites achieved excellent search rankings in a shorter time as opposed to sites created with other CMS platforms. CINIVA can also help improve page rank through other tactics, like content creation and implementing social media within the site to further enhance exposure of your brand.

Call CINIVA today at 757.499.1990 to schedule an appointment for your free Web site consultation and learn how we can mold the WordPress CMS to suit your needs.


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