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Custom Blog Platforms for Your Website

What drives traffic to a website? Fresh, relevant content. What drives a website to the top of Google and Yahoo? Fresh, relevant content. What helps a website maintain high visibility and page views? Fresh, relevant content as posted regularly to an attached weblog .

The concept of instant publishing on the Web by way of web logs, or "blogs", has changed the way Internet users obtain news and information. Once considered a novelty where thousands of users were seen as writing online diaries, blogs have quickly become an important tool in marketing, relaying news, and even swaying opinion. These days, corporations look to hire writers to become professional bloggers, while some independent bloggers have parlayed their hobbies into book deals. As a business owner, you have the advantage of using a blog to increase exposure of your brand and create a trust with potential customers by offering them detailed, updated information on your products, and also presenting a human touch to your work.

With some website design packages, CINIVA offers a customer blog application that will allow you instantly publish news, events, opinion, and photos to a growing archive for your site. Multiple individual or group access  blogs may be applied to one site, with or without password protection. If you choose to add CINIVA search engine optimization services to your package, we will handle the blogging for you.

To learn more about how to add customized blogging capability to your website, contact CINIVA today at 757-499-1990 for a free consultation. 

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