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VIRGINIAWEBLOVERS.jpgCINIVA Systems is based in Virginia Beach, in the Hampton Roads area. Hampton Roads refers not to paved highways, but the old British nautical term roads, meaning waterways. The waters of the Atlantic, Chesapeake Bay, and Elizabeth, James and York Rivers in and around southeastern Virginia (also know as the Tidewater region) were hosts to the Powhatan native American tribes, earliest colonists from England, the defeated fleet of General Cornwallis in the American Revolution, and the battle of the iron-clad Monitor and Merrimac vessels during the Civil War.

While it is quite true that physical proximity between client and Web developer is not essential, and we in fact serve customers far and wide, it is also true that many business people like to work with people in their city, state, or general region. It is definitely more conducive to the occasional face-to-face meeting and the chance to build a more tangible and enduring relationship over time. CINIVA strives to maintain a personal relationship with every client in our home state, offering the same high degree of customer services in website design, custom programming, SEO, and e-mail marketing to clients down the street in Virginia Beach to our sites based in Stafford County, Richmond, and elsewhere in Virginia.

We personally love the state of Virginia, often driving from the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, where the first English colonists landed, to the breathtaking Shenandoah Valley to the metropolitan chaos of Northern Virginia abutting our nation's capital. Visiting old clients and new clients - learning about their diverse organizations, and figuring out how their websites can help their endeavors.

  • Norfolk - Bold, emerging city of the south, General MacArthur's final resting place and home of the USS Wisconsin
  • Newport News - Busy seaport area with a rich nautical history and growing arts and culture environment
  • Hampton - Home of Hampton University, a renowned historical school, and the Virginia Air and Space Museum
  • Williamsburg - Where American history begins; home of the College of William and Mary and our colonial heritage
  • Virginia Beach - One of the best known, most popular beaches in the world, where the sun rises and sets on the Chesapeake Bay
  • Yorktown - Acres of history tell the story of our country's independence
  • Suffolk - Growing city on the pulse of Virginia industry, home of Planters Peanuts!
  • Portsmouth - Virginia's Renaissance city, with fabulous High Street shops and restaurants
  • Eastern Shore - Virginia's natural beauty shines here, and tourism benefits from Internet exposure

So for those of you who are of a mind to work with a regional or local outfit, whether in Virginia Beach/ Hampton Roads or other corners of the Old Dominion, please consider CINIVA, whose clients include many Virginia small businesses and even state, city and county agencies. We are pleased to be active board members of the Cultural Alliance of Greater Hampton Roads, Virginia, members of the Hampton Roads Better Business Bureau, graduates of Old Dominion University, and affiliated with Virginia's Center for Innovative Technologies.

WARNING! Many website companies take advantage of your desire to work with a local or regional provider and load up their websites with literally hundreds of pages listing every state and major city in the US. They do this so that search engines such as Google, which constantly analyze the text content of millions of websites daily, will associate these companies with your location, although the companies themselves may be located thousands of miles away. So, no fooling, we are really here in the Commonwealth of Virginia, Hampton Roads, down by the beach. And one of our lead programmers happens to live in Maryland right of the Washington DC beltway, so you folks in the capital region are not too far from a living and breathing CINIVA emissary.

Now having said all that, it is very possible that you've never been to Virginia Beach, maybe never heard of Virginia Beach, or were not aware that Virginia Beach is actually the largest city in the state of Virginia. Maybe you do not even live in Virginia. If you do like our work or anything else about us, we WELCOME your business! We still might visit you, or send one of our fine collaborators over. (They are not all in Virginia.)

If you've actually read this far, I applaud you, and wish to let you know there really is a purpose to this page, beyond letting you know that we live and work in Virginia!

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