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Video Websites by CINIVA Systems

Why do you need streaming video capability for your website? Consider the following statistics*:

  • Video site YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with YouTube videos appearing in top results under Google's blended search paradigm.
  • Content on video streaming site Hulu has risen sharply from 63 million streams in 2009 to almost 400 million in 2009.
  • 70% of Web users age 18-34 have watched television shows on the Internet, while 25% of cell phone users have used their phones to watch videos.
  • 1.5 million pieces of content, including videos and links to videos, are shared on Facebook daily.

Video is viral. Turn on the TV and you'll see news networks spotlight online videos on various segments. Check your Twitter account and you'll see at least one link daily to the current must-see clip making the Internet rounds. It could be a celebrity hamming it up on a talk show, a dramatic rescue at sea caught on tape, or a demo of an interesting product you can't live without.

If you don't utilize video in your online marketing strategy, one thing is for certain: nobody will be talking about you.

CINIVA Systems offers fully-tailored video solutions for site owners. We customize video capability to suit our clients' needs. What's more, Web video functionality is more affordable than you think. If you have an archive of videotapes on your products and services, we can convert them into streaming media to run on your site and the major video databases like YouTube and Truveo. Take a look at what we offer:

Custom Video Players - Want a unique interface for playing video on your website? We have specialists who will help you design a pleasing interface for your video players without third party logos or links.

Streaming Video - CINIVA can develop and deliver a streaming video solution for your organization. Streaming video is a necessity to ensure all of your users will be able to view your videos. Whether it's High Definition video or a simple Standard Definition video, we can handle it.

Video Encoding - Need help encoding your video a web-friendly format? CINIVA has experts on staff who will convert your video to the necessary mediums for distribution. Just leave it to us, we are the experts.

YouTube Video - Everyone has heard of YouTube in this day and age. Does your website have a presence on YouTube? With the new blended search approaches by many of the major search engines, video is now playing an integral role in search. CINIVA can help get you up and running on YouTube and get your YouTube videos embedded on your website.

You won't find a more effective method of promotion on the Internet today than video. As the percentage of video downloads to PDAs and cell phones rises, so will the opportunity of being seen by thousands of consumers...but only if you have a video to show them.

Contact CINIVA Systems today at 757.499.1990, ext. 104 to learn more about how to add streaming video functionality to your existing site, or to create a new site from scratch.


Video Websites by Ciniva
Studio Center - One of CINIVA's recent video projects.

* Statistics taken from Socialnomics.

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