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socialnetwork.jpgThese days, if a business doesn't have a Twitter account or Facebook page, they are missing out on one of the easiest opportunities to market products and services. While it's great to have thousands fans and followers, though, do you know how many people are REALLY getting the message?

If you feel your campaigns are diluted and lost in the sea of viral video sharing and Farmville activity, maybe it's time to create your own space and bring in the people who truly want to hear what you have to say. They, in turn, generate the social buzz you need to improve sales and referrals.

With CINIVA Systems, YOU can create and customize your company's own social network, and integrate it with larger sites like Facebook and Twitter to grow an interest in your products and services. As a leader in Virginia website design, CINIVA Systems offers expanded services in social network development. Our unique software system can structure a base for a site-based network dedicated to your company, organization, or general interests. If there are certain qualities you like about Facebook, MySpace, or LinkedIn, we can not only duplicate the functionality but create connectivity to interact with your other social profiles.

What can you do with your own social network? What can't you do? We will work with you every step of the way to set up modules for individual chat and private messaging, real-time updates, RSS integration, and more great features:

  • Friend Status: See when users are online, customize who sees what information you post online, and direct message individuals or multiple network users. Send mass blasts with your company news and updates.
  • Multi-Media: Post photos, audio, or video and customize who gets to see it.
  • Blogs and RSS: Allow users to blog directly on the site, or apply any RSS feed and aggregate the content to their networks.
  • Profile Customization: Choose the widgets you want to display on your page, and what content goes in them.
  • Privacy Controls: Your members will feel secure when they socialize. We'll customize privacy settings so your information always stays safe.

Our unique social network creation capabilities are perfect for businesses interested in creating their own corporate culture, for non-profit organizations seeking to raise awareness of their causes, and for entrepreneurs wishing to gather like-minded people for topical conversation. Suggested uses for our social software package include:

  • Education/Reunions: Create a social network for your high school or college and bring together alumni and current students and staff.
  • Churches/Religious Organizations: If you're concerned about content on general networks, create your own site and keep the focus on your faith.
  • Sports and Recreation: A social network for golf lovers? NASCAR fans? Show off your team pride and create a haven for other sports enthusiasts.
  • Social Circles: Create a hub for singles to meet, for travelers to recommend hotels and attractions, or for any type of hobbyist to find collectibles or convention information. The sky's the limit!

Visit or contact CINIVA Systems today at 757-499-1990 to learn more about how we can develop and launch your niche social network.

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