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Search Engine Optimization and Organic Internet Marketing

Search Marketing Overview

No two sites are alike, therefore it stands to reason that no two sites should be optimized in the same fashion. At CINIVA, we recognize the need for a business to stay on top of search engine results for their desired key phrases. As a design company, we take SEO to heart because we want to be found on Google, Bing and Yahoo, too! We also realize, though, that what works for our site in terms of SEO might not work for another client. Therefore, when we take on your project, we look at the big picture.

We don't just ask, "How can we get you page one search results?" We also ask, "How do we get people to convert once they are on your site?" 

seo-success-steps1.jpgThat said, with every SEO project handled by CINIVA, many core tasks come into play over an indefinite period of time. Some tasks are performed immediately, some only once, and still others are performed continuously in order to secure and maintain high rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing search on specific keywords.

As the business of search engine optimization continues to change, so may this list over time. We invite you to browse our Marketing section for more information on the core elements of our SEO plans, as well as additional procedures tailored to specific clientele. Travel and tourism companies may benefit from podcast and RSS marketing, while companies geared toward industry may find growing article content beneficial in attracting Web traffic.

CINIVA SEO Client Success Nancy Chandler Norfolk Real Estate Search Results Page

Before we try to impress you with our knowledge of the SEO world, let’s take a look at some of our SEO successes.

  • – Through careful management of content and search engine optimization, we have kept CB Title Group on page 1 – and often #1 out of over 6.5 million results – for the key phrase “commercial title insurance” for over a year.

  • – This client wanted to be on the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) for the key term “sexy shoes,” and we were able to get the site to #2 out of over 2.5 million results for this term.

  • – This real estate company wanted to dominate the competitive Norfolk, VA housing market, we helped them get to the top of SERPs for “Norfolk real estate,” “Norfolk realtors,”
    and many other related, valuable terms.
  • High Search Ranking Blog by Ciniva to Improve Search Marketing Strategies
  • – Managed by CINIVA, this blog covers helpful SEO strategies,
    news in the SEO world, and information about available SEO services for hire. By careful search marketing planning, we were able to Rank #1 out of over 64 million results for the past 3 years for the terms “high search rankings,” “get high search rankings,” and many other permutations of these valuable terms.

Sample SEO Techniques

The business of SEO is volatile, in that tricks that worked seven years ago definitely do not work today. It used to be that having solid metadata integrated in your site guaranteed results, but these days the major engines look for other factors. When you sign CINIVA on to handle the SEO of your website, you can expect major tasks to be performed to suit the current SEO climate:

Validation of all META, TITLE, and ALT Tags If you are a new CINIVA client optimization is underway before your site goes live. We look at the various HTML tags that are important in SEO – the META tags that define the site's content through detailed descriptions and relevant keywords, the TITLE tags that will displayed in search results, and the ALT tags that accompany each image found on the site. This content, seen only by search engine spiders as they crawl webpages to gather data, can help determine a site's position in specific keyword searches. Many SEO experts warn not to emphasize all SEO efforts into these tags, and we agree. Ultimately the freshness of your site's content will determine your position in search, yet we do and will optimize your META data for quality to enhance your site's relevance and listings in various engines.

Validation of search engine friendly site content (text and HTML) It is reported that the two most important factors that determine a site's importance to the search engines are age and content. The cleaner the HTML code and the more relevant the content, the better the opportunity for good search results. Consider your website's HTML code – this is what the spider sees as it crawls a webpage. How clean is the code? Is it bogged down in javascript and Flash and other tags it is unable to read? Muddled code can actually prevent a spider from crawling a site, causing it to leave the site altogether, and therefore prevent important data from being cached. A site that is not spidered is, in the determination of a search engine, a site that doesn't exist. Look at the content of the site, the text a web user sees when he/she visits your site. Is the text grammatically correct? Are words spelled correctly? Is the content rich in relevant keywords, enough to emphasize the relevance of the site, but not overloaded with keywords so as to look like SPAM? Is there a good balance of text content and image content? Do the keywords under which you wish to be found in search have priority placement in the text…is that content the first thing seen as the site loads? Do all the hypertext links work? Are all outbound links leading to relevant data? As site content becomes more important in SEO, we will continue to optimize for good, relevant content as seen by consumers and spiders. Content optimization is often an ongoing process, as websites need to be updated regularly with fresh content (news, updated information, new items and images) so the spiders will notice as they revisit your site.

Submission of URL to Search Engines Once a site is live, we will begin the process of submission to the search engines. SEO experts recommend manual submission to the major engines (Google, MSN, and Yahoo) to prevent possible SPAM aversion techniques employed by the engines. Minor engines, including smaller engines powered in part by Google, etc., and specialized engines (business search, regional search) may be alerted in the initial submission process as needed.

Submission of URL to Major Web Directories (Yahoo, DMOZ, etc.) Directory listings are an important factor in the optimization of websites. As the Open Directory powers the directory search of thousands of minor engines, a listing in DMOZ can improve a site's link popularity (i.e. number of non-reciprocal inbound links to a site). As Yahoo is the most respected and visited directory on the Internet, it is important to be listed there. Submissions are made immediately to these sites, where applicable, and to other minor directories of importance and/or relevance. We will look for topical directories that correspond to a site's content and, in the case of paid directories, make recommends for applying for listings. We will not subject your site to "free for all" sites or useless link exchanges.

Link Building While age and content presently play the most important roles in effective SEO, link popularity is equally important. Search engines will give precedence to websites to which outside sites have linked, without the benefit of reciprocal links. The more relevant websites that link to your site, the better the opportunity for high search results, as search engines will view your site as authoritative. Link building is an ongoing process in SEO. Here we research relevant sites and negotiate links, yet we do not request links from every site encountered. The quality of an outside site that links to yours also determines your site's SEO. It is better for a website with a Google PageRank of 5 or 6 to link to your site than have a "link farm" site with no PageRank link back. As thousands of new websites are launched daily, we will work to sift the wheat from the chaff as we find relevant quality sites with whom we can building linking relationships.

As SEO continues to evolve, the above list will change. More tasks may be added, some may be removed and others may be enhanced. What will never change is the need to make SEO an ongoing process in the maintenance of your website. Don't feel disappointed if you don't see immediate results. Some website may take weeks to see the impact of SEO, while others even longer. Indeed, we have seen this with past SEO clients, yet almost all of them ultimately found the traffic, and sales, they wanted as our efforts took hold. Don't wait to be seen in search, and let your competition take away your customers! Contact CINIVA today at 757.499.1990 for information on our SEO services.

CINIVA SEO Plan Breakdown

Now, we know what you’re thinking – “All this rhetoric sounds good, but where does my money actually go?” At CINIVA, we pride ourselves on allowing our clients to understand firsthand how their search engine optimization campaign functions and what actions are being performed on a month-to-month basis. In addition to our proprietary SmartSEO system that allows clients to login and view SEO campaign progress, reports, and search data, we have also developed a core competency list that delineates the most common SEO actions based upon the Tier of SEO service paid for.

Don’t be left in the dark by your SEO company; choose a CINIVA SEO plan that fits your budget and gets you the results you need. Our plans are affordable and comprehensive search marketing solutions, often best paired with a paid advertising campaign. Check out the chart and contact us today to discuss your needs and get a free quote for your unique internet marketing plan.

NOTE: While this chart is quite comprehensive, it only represents a baseline of SEO actions performed per Tier. Your specific SEO plan may call for additional or modified activities based upon your specific needs.

Available SEO Packages

Web Surfer Package Tier 1
Web Veteran Package Tier 2
Web Master Package Tier 3
Pricing and Schedule
Time Period
6 Months
6 Months
6 Months
Initial Set-Up Fees
Monthly Cost
Preliminary SEO Site Audit
Detailed SEO Strategy Consult
Key Phrases Optimized
Competitive Analysis Report
Site Architecture
Site Changes Implementation Yes Yes Yes
Work With Existing HTML Yes Yes Yes
Google XML Sitemaps Yes Yes Yes
Spider Analysis --- Yes Yes
RSS Feed Implementation --- Yes Yes
Robots.txt Evaluation --- Yes Yes
W3C Compliance --- --- Yes
Directory & Navigation Optimization --- --- Yes
DNS Analysis/ Fixes --- --- Yes
Front-End Optimization
Existing Content Optimization Homepage 1st Sublevel 100% Site Pages
Creation of New Optimized Pages 1-2/ month 2-4/ month 4-5/ month
META/ Title Tag Evaluation Titles Only 50% Site Pages 100% Site Pages
Image Optimization --- 50% Site Pages 100% Site Pages
Anchor Tag Optimization --- 50% Site Pages 100% Site Pages
Creation of Site Link "Web" --- Yes Yes
Off-Site Optimization
Manual Submission to Search Engines Yes Yes Yes
Blog Set-Up & Hosting Yes Yes Yes
Blog Maintenance Bi-Weekly Weekly 2-3 X Weekly
Keyword Rich Article Writing 1/ month 2-3/ month 3-5/ month
3rd Party Article Syndication 1/ month 2-3/ month 3-5/ month
"No Follow" Links Check Yes Yes Yes
3rd Party Blog/ Forum Posts --- 1-3 / month 3-5 / month
Professional Press Releases --- 1-2 1-2/ month
Press Release Syndication --- Yes Yes
Google Base Submission --- 1-3/ month 3-5/ month
Free Inbound Link Building --- 1-2/ month 3-5/ month
Paid Inbound Link Research --- --- Yes
Social Media Marketing
Squidoo Pages --- 1-2/ month 2-3/ month
MySpace Optimization
Facebook Optimization
Twitter Optimization
Social Bookmarking of Site --- Yes Yes
Optimize Extra Social Media --- --- Yes
Reporting & Evaluation
SmartSEO Profile Yes Yes Yes
Monthly SEO/ Ranking Reports
Google Analytics Report
Online Brand Monitoring --- --- Yes
Email Support

When you're ready for your site to be seen, contact CINIVA at 757.499.1990 to learn more about our SEO packages. Note: for more information on search engine optimization in general, visit our online guide at

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