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Employee Management Intranet Development

Let's say you operate not just one store, but a chain of retail shops or restaurants, or perhaps multiple branches of a home repair service or financial office.

You know you can't be everywhere at once, but it's important for you to stay on top of things like hirings and dismissals, scheduling, vacation time, and other factors that keep your business running smoothly. Wouldn't it be great to sign on to an Intranet or online database that helps you keep track of incoming issues? With CINIVA Systems, now you can customize your own online management system.

Employee Management Intranet Development


Recently, the owner of several Virginia Beach Subway restaurants came to CINIVA looking for a way to handle incoming resumes from potential sandwich artists, as well as an online system for maintaining schedules and vacation requests. CINIVA devised a custom system which allows employees and managers to log in to their respective accounts and make the needed requests. Managers can also track employee progress by noting praise and warnings, and keep track of terminations and other marks.

CINIVA also set up online an employee orientation section for new workers to learn about store procedures. Privacy controls are set so employees see only what they need to see.

For custom programming to suit your business needs, nobody in Virginia Beach beats CINIVA Systems. Call us today at 757-499-1990, ext. 104 to learn more about how we can streamline your business and increase productivity with a working Intranet or online database.

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